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  1. Yep correct. I will ask the question in my other post for Dual Extruders.
  2. I may have resolved my own issue with feeder direction if this post is correct and I can toggle the direction of each feeder individually. This post was tough to find.
  3. tinkergnome did you ever resolve the feeder motor direction between the old feeder and new feeders? I found a previous post that you made that has the difference in feedrate between the two feeders.
  4. Is it possible to run one old feeder and one new feeder at the same time?
  5. Hi All, I recently built up my Ultimaker 2 with the extrusion upgrade kit from ultimaker and found that the stepper motor for the material advancing is moving the motor in the opposite direction. Instead of taking in filament it actually turns in a way that pushes the filament out. The result is that I cannot load material through to the tube to the extruder or print with the material. Do I need to reverse wires at E1 on the PCB (BE/PK/GN/BK) or can I reverse the direction of the motor in firmware? I'd rather not have to mess with the firmware as I would have to adjust it for all new versions to be installed. Best Regards, Dean
  6. 15.04.6 was able to upload the firmware that 3.4.1 could not. Thanks tinkergnome! I wonder if adopters of the UM3,4,5 have the same issue when they go to Dual Extruders.
  7. Hi All, I've been working on getting my Ultimaker 2 to work with dual extruders on a single print head and have been running into some issues. I have the dual olsen blocks on the print head and am eager to try them out. I did some research and some trial and error to get where I am but was wondering if anyone could save me some time because it seems that the next step would take a lot of trial and error without knowing the possibility of getting it to work. 1.) I have Cura 3.4.1 and realized that I could not auto update the firmware to the newest firmware from 15.04ish. I had to download several versions of cura to incrementally auto update the firmware. When I tried to skip from 15.04ish to 3.4.1 cura would freeze and not update the firmware. Incrementally I was able to go from 15.04 to 2.7 to 3.4.1 2.) From 1.) I have deduced that somewhere along the way Cura stopped updating the Dual Extrusion *.hex flie marlinultimaker2-dual.hex even though it still comes with cura 3.4.1 and this appears to be why when I try to update the firmware with the hex file it will not (it gets stuck and the updater progress freezes but does not freeze the program). 3.) I have done some additional searching and cannot find anywhere that notes the last version of cura that is able to update the firmware with the marlinultimaker2-dual.hex 4.) Everything else with cura seems to be good to go as I setup a custom printer with dual extruders and as soon as I can get the firmware uploaded to the machine I should be able to finalize the alignment measurements that I made between the extruders. Could anyone give me some advice with the firmware uploading and cura version I need to update the printer or a link to an alternate hex that I can try to install? Best Regards, Dean
  8. Thanks for the Reply. Correct I do not have second print head I only have second extruder. Do not have magnetic toolchanger. All electrical connections go to the main circuit board. Could you send a link to the normal dual variant firmware? I have been looking for one but all my searches lead to the Mark2 firmware and this is why I thought I needed it.
  9. I just got into Dual Extrusion, have an ultimaker 2 (not +), installed the second extruder (kept and drilled out new hole on original fan set) and moved the old extruder to side two to get the longer cable length. I now have hooked up two olssen blocks and have calibrated their heights from the print bed. I do not have the mini expansion board. Can I plug in directly to the main ultimaker 2 board and use the Tinker-Mark2-dual-17.09.hex ? Best Regards, Dean
  10. Hi Nallath, The link is continuing here on github-- https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/issues/314#issuecomment-191314407
  11. Thanks I will give that a try but I will also leave this thread open.
  12. Hi, I have been recently using my ultimaker for precision part sizing and have been struggling with part fits. Due to shrinkage of material based on a number of factors I have been looking for a quick and easy way to adjust for fit. I have found the Horizontal offset works for holes and I believe it may work for all inner surfaces also? My issue is that I have a complex part that I have had to slice in two to print accurately print some of the features, I had to rotate because I cannot print it flat with the top down due to some features and overhangs and fanning requirements. I had to print each of the two halves separately and glue them together later. I am trying to find a way to vertically offset holes in the Z direction as well as inner surfaces. At first I thought that I may be able to use the Horizontal offset and it would offset the base inner surfaces all the way up to the point of the arch where it joins together but I am not sure if it actually able to perform this operation and it doesn't help with the fit of the overall thickness of the half of the ring. Does anyone have suggestions? Ideally I would like to see offsets that affect either the inner or outer walls of the model in XY and Z separately. But I don't believe this is yet part of Cura. https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/bvchl5dpTQm5yGSq5DCg?signature=8a16ac1187a2f5b0b2e00db1c1db4c9e134116c4c0d1b91ec1d1c20042312e3d&policy=eyJleHBpcnkiOjE0NTY3NjQ5NDR9 Best Regards, Dean
  13. Hi, I recently had to recover my computer because it crashed and when I reinstalled Cura (Cura 15.04.4) I am getting the old interface that does not have the slide menus on the right hand side. I really like the new interface and want it back. Could I be having some Video Driver or Display driver compatibility issues? I can see that text does not look as sharp in the cura program as it does on the rest of my computer. Do I need to update something else like Python to make it work properly? It doesn't look like it is able to run the digitally signed driver. Any help would be appreciated. Best Regards, Dean
  14. Hi, I have been printing some thin parts and at the same point the .GCode tells the Ultimaker 2 make a reversal. The resulting layer upon layer causes the appearance of a seam. In this seam there is slightly more material and the material gets pushed outward slightly making a round bump on every later. Can you please suggest some ways to minimize this effect? I have tried printing on fast and normal and it is very visible. Also how can I attach an image to this question? Best Regards, Dean
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