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  1. I printed allready many Jobs over USB so i guess this can't be the problem. Also tried many usb-sticks for the update. Why then are my files not correctly named, when i just download them and put them on the stick. No different versions at the first try. Just did what i was advised to. I now renamed the files, but have to wait till tomorrow to test it, because im printing actually a larger Job. Thanks for the help so far. Kind regards, Alexander
  2. Hi Raymond I'm in that companys network with firewall and login but the job-transfering works and i tought update via USB-Stick must run anyway. For USB update i downloaded the latest Firmware a few days ago the day i posted and before the last one (the latest two where tested) According to Ultimaker.com guide i downloaded the latest.tar.tar and latest.tar.xz.tar (56994 and 1 kB) from the official Ultimaker site. I did it with different Versions and different USB Stick and i downloaded the files many times. It doesn't even seem to look at the USB Stick it just s
  3. Hello together, i have a similiar problem with our new UM3. Can't update the Firmware. Tried Wifi/Cabel and USB only. USB just says failed and Wifi shows a HTML Code wich need's aprox. 5 second to scroll trough. I have Images and Logfiles if the uploading works. Thanks People Alexander LOG20062018.zip
  4. So you say i don't need to buy an UMO to make this happen eventually? I'd love to buy another UM2 just to do this setup XD
  5. something for kickstarter? but i also would be happy to get a bom and donate somehow
  6. Nice answer. But you say it yourself when the system is mixed it brings in problems. i would keep cura all metric to have no problems and you can buy a metric caliper for 5$ ?
  7. Why not just always scale to 0.0394 if you have designed in inches..? Is it coinsidence that this calculating factor ist very close to the small part of the golden ratio?
  8. Für Roberts Feeder muss man unten ein Stück Bowden einfügen, dass man problemlos vom original abschneiden kann..
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