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  1. Made a new lamp for my mother's birthday. circles are lasercut, the spacemaker-holder-thingies are flexible pla for easy asemblind/disassembling. Insipired by Olaf Weller's lamps.
  2. I made a new lamp. Inspired by Olaf Weller. The circles are mdf laser cut, the spreaders are black flex pla.
  3. Hey titus, I stopped by at IO yesterday and there was an XXL- ultimaker demonstrated in the main hall. It was a project made by students under the super vision of Joris van tubergen (http://www.rooiejoris.nl/), the creator of the joris-style (now spiralize). here is the weblog of their project. http://ultimakerxxl2014.weblog.tudelft.nl/ In my opinion the prints of the XXL printer (the one with increased x and z axis) were verly low quality; (warping (no heated bed), high layer height, very visible z-line(something really funky happening because the printer had 2 x-axis. They also printed a
  4. Does it function or is it a prop? I can't imagine it working.
  5. You shouldn't give away files if you don't want to. @nightwish, you can buy them on his website.
  6. @valcrow I started with burning it out, but the fumes made me dizzy so I attacked it with a stanley knife. Does anyone know if the fumes are toxic? It was PLA. The lamp itself is quite heavy,I estimate 3kilos or more. I didn't test it's fragility incase I break it, but it seems quite strong.
  7. I also made a lamp. I made the mold using the ultimaker, casted with concrete. You can still see the layer lines and the mesh polygons in the concrete. apologies for the bad images.
  8. Hello! I am making some chesspieces out of different materials. In the picture are mainly stucco pieces but some concrete ones. The stucco pieces are very brittle, I heard that dropping some superglue on the pieces might reinforce them, I might try that plan on making 4 complete sets, concrete, stucco, resin and candle wax. Anyone has some other material suggestions?
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