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  1. I spoke with Sven 6 days ago, maybe you can share with us who is the contact person at IGO3D, both for George and SanderVG.

    Its obvious we have a communication problem.

    @George, congratulations for your car :)

    I also understand delays, in general i am rather patient but we are past that. This is what seems to be happening; IGO3d is the official partner from Ultimaker website after the policy change were we all get that wonderful service from partners instead of the wonderful service from Ultimaker.

    Nobody was ready for the demand and the supply did not follow creating a backlog. Ultimaker is assigning resources to new printer sales instead of honoring the existing upgrade orders that have anyway been paid for.

    Now its a matter of keeping us busy talking until finally the backlog is liquidated.

    IGO3D that took the money and know the issues with supply so are being far more careful than our dear Ultimaker staff members, hence the reply you got this morning.

    If anybody has a more logic explanation please do share

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for helping out with this.

    I received no updates, and the status is still processing on my order.

    I hope the batch you send could at least cover the orders they took already...

    After all this time, I'm starting to feel less enthusiastic about the upgrade, so I'll give it a week and ask for a refund. It was offered to me but it made sense to upgrade the printer, just did not expect it would take an absurd amount of time to receive.

    @wlock did you get your order from igo3D?  I too ordered from them back in March and I'm still waiting

    Hi, I got nothing but a nice email saying that my order will be filled asap. I did ask about the batch they were supposed to receive and this is what i got:




    Jun 16 (5 days ago)


    to me

    Hello ,

    we haven´t got any kits this week.

    Sorry for the delay.


    It sounds like that upgrade is not coming anytime soon and everything is said about updates is BS. SanderVG lost credibility as far as i am concerned.

    If there was a delay and nothing was sent, honesty would have been to post it here.

    This is all not to mention that providers loose credibility as well when they sold a kit that takes longer to deliver than a new car.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for helping out with this.

    I received no updates, and the status is still processing on my order.

    I hope the batch you send could at least cover the orders they took already...

    After all this time, I'm starting to feel less enthusiastic about the upgrade, so I'll give it a week and ask for a refund. It was offered to me but it made sense to upgrade the printer, just did not expect it would take an absurd amount of time to receive.

  4. Hi everybody,

    I'm not sure if there are many people like me but I've been waiting for a few months(March...) for the upgrade kit from Igo3d and so far we still see that the kit is unavailable.

    I think its faster to order a new car

    In this discussion Mr SandervG mentioned that it would be a few weeks until all orders are filled.

    A few weeks back i was offered a refund, before Ultimaker announcement, but decided to wait since i still want it, but i see in other suppliers the kit is available so it seems its mostly Igo3d that is impacted by the supply shortage

    Am I the only one that received no news since, I am really curious on how many people are still waiting?

    Can you guys at Ultimaker confirm that they have filled all backorders for the Kit?

    Sorry if i sound frustrated, it more the lack of updated than anything else

  5. thank you all for the comments


    I'll put a few pictures on that other post once it's finished



    I realised i forgot to add a few screenshots of the actual 3d model so i added them now.

    The main hull overall size and shape are done.


    The front plate is also finished and is ready to receive either the main gun or the demolisher option.

    the base for it is only two layers thick( at 0.05) so it can be placed on top of the main hull.


    The engine section is there but its hard to print because of the slope on several directions. trying to figure out how to print that




    DSC 0220

    DSC 0215

    DSC 0214

    DSC 0213

    DSC 0212

    DSC 0210

    DSC 0209








  6. just wanted to make a reply to this post

    I received a new screen a few weeks after the issue occured and all is working fine since !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the time i had the issue i tested loads of software that allows to print directly but nothing that could match Cura.

    All issues i had with the prints were related to the platform leveling, once i received the screen and controller, I rerun the platform leveling and that was it.

    It would be really nice if we could run maintenance from a PC and not only the controller, even saving the leveling and other settings once we are happy so they could be reloaded instead of running the software on the machine


  7. I initially bought the Ultimaker2 because of its amazing quality prints but I have to say that the more I see pictures on this forum the more I am surprised at what it can do

    Regarding this project:

    GW decided to change the leman russ model and I dont really like the new tracks, they seem less detailed than the old one so i decided to make my own

    The model will be a destroyer, and is a work in progress

    It's designed to avoid support structures

    the black model is actually the original destroyer from forgeworld that I use as a reference

    leman russ side track plate

    DSC 0207

    DSC 0206

    DSC 0205

    DSC 0204

    DSC 0203

    DSC 0202

    DSC 0201

    DSC 0200

    DSC 0199

    DSC 0198

    DSC 0197

    DSC 0175

    DSC 0174

    DSC 0173

    DSC 0172

    DSC 0171

    DSC 0170


    Paint is just to see what potentially it could look like once finished,

    I'll need to practice a bit more to make it presentable

    software used

    Maya 2009

    cura 14.12

    Model resolution 0.05

    print speed 30mms

    White PLA from colorfabb

    temp 190

    bed temp 40


  8. thank you all for the encouraging replies.

    Sorry that my post actually came out as somewhat pessimistic. The main part is how amazing the printer is not the screen issue. I think that the current posts were issues are listed should get an official last word when closed because they can dissuade potential customers

    Anyway i unplugged the display and the cable has a near invisible dent with a V shape, I think the vibration of the printer ended up killing it. those do seem to need a protection in order not to have issues, a bit of it is actually exposed slightly below the cover. I'll get a few pictures.

    Maybe its something for other part of the forum instead of here, this is more a welcome part right?

    Nice to meet you Sander and thank you for your help. the ticket number for me is Ticket ID: IZE-659-42035

    and I did post a few pictures in the gallery under my name. Looking forward to add some more.

    Not sure if the link here will work:


    I've got around 4kg of collorfabb filament waiting, and I intent to print it all before the end of the year :mrgreen:


  9. hello,

    this is my first post here after adding a few pictures

    Before buying my Ultimaker 2 I read the forum for opinions on the machine itself as well as the issues people had buying, receiving and using the UM2

    considering the price, it is quite an investment worth investigating

    First things first, ordering

    I read that there were huge delays in receiving the UM2, if i remember correctly, during expo for example. Reading several posts made me think that i'd get mine for christmas. I believe the average was two weeks to get the printer

    I got mine in four days, placed the order on a sunday evening and got it later that week.

    No fuss whatsoever on placing the order and paying with the credit card as well, however it's better to account for the extra charge in shipping.

    It was expensive, but not surprising since the package was pretty heavy

    Now for the bad part. I read multiple nightmare stories regarding support in this website. Not bad stories, I mean nightmare stories of people very unhappy.

    It was a close call and almost made me not order the printer.

    The way I see it is, if you buy a piece of hardware and there is no support, then you have a paper weight, nothing more.

    Then my controller screen went off. Contacted support and got a reply the next day telling me to check the cables on the controller. On the website there is an assembly manual rather complete and managed to made it light up again.

    If you are not a tech guy, you can do this. I am, but still made me nervous to open a brand new Printer. Asked about warranty but got no reply.

    Worked for a few more days and today, just after receiving my colorfabb order, the diplay died again. I opened another ticket an hour ago.

    So overall

    Printer is as good as you can see in the net, out of the box i could print in 0.03 resolution and that is beyond excellent.

    The experience is just as frustrating because of the screen issues. I was planning on taking a couple of weeks off but I think it will surely take at least that much to sort the problem

    For those out there undecided, I'd recomend reading the forum here and make up your mind by yourself. I feel that overall people seem friendly and helpfull and solutions to issues come often from the forum

    Check my gallery for print tests, I'll add more as soon as possible


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