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  1. Hi, did anyone already buy this XTC-3D in Europe ? I am trying via a reseller of smooth-on in Amsterdam but until now they don't have it ?
  2. I like this and I would love to come, if it was more close to where I live, or if it would be on a Saterday ? Because I normally work until 17:30 ...
  3. I like this guide very much, but I tried to look up the 'stripes issue' I have but I could not find it ? see picture
  4. which filament do you use ? I think I had this also with Innofil at 230C.
  5. I went to my printerreseller and they helped me replace the spacer. It prints much better now.
  6. I just added (friend requests..) to the ones I could find... Diny Kuypers
  7. I did some new extrusiontests : with the current rol of filament (2/3 full I guess) and with a new rol. Both Innofil. At 230 C. See photos for result : bad or very bad at low speeds 3 and 4, or even 3,4,5,6, and better at higher speeds. The test with the new rol of filament was completely very bad (the test on the right on the picture). We also have lots of times a thick bulge in the filament; see second photo. Also grinding of the filament hapens often.
  8. I have the same problems so I would like to go to this UM Office also to have it fixed. Is it in Holland and can you just go there ?
  9. The bad result of the extrusion test repeated itself today : again 3 and 4 are very bad and the other speeds look quite good. I checked the screw : I think it is not bent. I cleaned it and I will do a new test tomorrow. I already ordered new filament because I ran out but again Innofil ; I will get it tomorrow. I do not hear the sound that you mention. The batch was from last Feb I think ; but I started using it some 3 weeks ago. I kept it in the sealed bag untill then.
  10. Did you have a look at my extrusion test result , being very bad at 3 and 4 ? What do you think about it ? Regarding your request for pictures related to the teflon piece problem : what kind of picture do you need , is the picture of the test not what you meant ? Or a picture of the teflon piece ?
  11. When do you consider PLA to be 'old' ? looks like the batch is from last Feb and I kept in the sealed bag untill I started using it some 3 weeks ago.
  12. Heeft er trouwens iemand ervaring met filament dat te nat is ? wat gebeurt er dan met de print ?
  13. Hebben jullie misschien ervaring met Innofil filament ? Ik gebruik hun wit omdat ik dat een mooie kleur vind maar omdat we vaker problemen met verstopping hebben vroeg ik me af of het met het filament te maken kan hebben.
  14. Tried again ; I created an album now and uploaded pictures. Here are the 3 pictures I mentioned.
  15. Sorry , this did not work: no My Gallery (1) and (8 and 9) image is not inserted either
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