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  1. @gr5 - I'm working together with mevander on the same machine so I thought I'd get into the discussion just to make things more confusing. =) Thank you all for your help and brainpower put into solving this. To address two of your questions. We have already been in contact with Robert who got our gcode and could print the box with no problems, so I think we can take that off the list though of course I'm happy to post it for you if you would like. Come to think of it I believe we use the same one that was posted earlier in this thread. We have also tested the temperature and basically got the same results as in the video. The error occurs early, after a couple of layers as mevander said, and the pattern then holds through the entire print. I printed a 7cm tall "cylinder-ish" piece (lightsabre "heat sink" :-P) with the same result, non-connecting wall layers etc. though the bottom layer looks perfect. What I find curious and which might give a clue to this problem is that thinner layers seems to give better coverage. Today I ran a print at .06mm layer, 70mm/s and 235 degrees C which came out with very nice surfaces (albeit with a bit of stringing).
  2. Voted for all five categories. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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