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  1. Alright, it took me a while to get to measuring the voltages, its been a week full of school projects, sick family and a flooded basment. But its ll good now and here are the results, unfortunately I feel like they don't shed a ton of light on the issue. 5V-GND VIN-GND With just the printer plugged in: 4.97V 12.12V Computer connected with USB: 4.97V 12.12V Ulticontroller attached: 4.95V 12.02V Computer+Ulticontroller 4.93V 12.04 So it seems to me that I am not getting any major dips in power and all is pretty much in the range that it should be, so I'm thinking it is something faulty with the Ulticontroller itself, but does anyone else have thoughts?
  2. Alright, so I have a faulty servo driver that was controlling the extruder, so that is one problem figured out. Thank you so much gr5, you are awesome! Is there someting that I could have done that would have caused it to stop working? Other than installing the electronics, I really didn't touch the motherboard (at least thats what I would call it) at all, and I just had it do a few bed leveling prints. On the topic of my Ulticontroller, I have inspected the pins thoroughly and none of them seem to be bent. To go into further detail, when I plug in the Ulticontroller it doesn't light up, but when I push the button it does seem to change the light on the printhead a bit, and it causes the Ultimaker to make a sound like it is trying to do something. That isn't a very good explanation, so here is a video of it. At the end of the clip, the sound stops, that is when I plug the USB into the computer, so the sound only happens when I have only the Ulticontroller plugged in. I have also noticed that when the Ulticontroller is plugged in, my computer seems to have a lot more difficulty connecting to the Ultimaker. Pronterface takes a long time to connect or multiple tries, and sometimes Cura doesn't connect at all. Hopefully this provides some details to shed light on this issue. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Thanks gr5 for those resources and the good ideas, that will be really helpful. I'm pretty sure it isn't the potentiometer, I've fiddled with that quite a bit and it doesn't seem to do anything. I don't think contrast is the problem, because the Ulticontroller doesn't even light up, it is just a dead screen. It has lit up on occasion when I press the button, but it only flashes and then goes dead again. I also have made sure to allow the printhead to heat up enough for it to move, but still nothing. Thanks for the tip about the pins, I will look at those in detail when I get home, and I will also check out the servo drivers, that sounds like a good possibility.
  4. Alright, some updates, I tested the extruder motor by plugging it in where the X axis motor usually goes and it worked fine, so the motor itself is not a problem, so I figure that something in the system just isn't telling the extruder motor to run. Could I have messed something up in the settings? I didn't really change anything, just looked around at the advanced settings to try and find a solution. If I got the Ulticontroller working, would that solve the problem of the extruder motor not turning (since it would be the Ulticontroller telling it to move and not my computer)?
  5. I just barely finished assembling my Ultimaker Original Kit when I ran across a few problems. The first was that no matter what I tried, my Ulticontroller wouldn't display anything. I have updated the Marlin firmware multiple times, swapped the PCB cables around and nothing changes. It will make sound when I press the button, but nothing shows up on the screen. I disconnected the Ulticontroller to try and print with just my computer, and ran across another problem, the extruder gear had stopped working. I know it can work because I used the bed leveling wizard while the Ulticontroller was connected and it was able to print out the square around the printbed. However, for some reason the motor will not turn the gear now. I haven't tried to reconnect the Ulticontroller to see if I can get the gear moving again, because I am tired and need to go to sleep. Is there something that I am missing or is there a more serious problem here?
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