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  1. Sorry for the radio silence, life has been quite busy. I'm still having my Z banding issue and am having a hell of a time figuring it out. Here's one of my latest prints any help more help at this point would be much appreciated. This was printed at .1 resolution 35mm/sec and a I varied the temperature during the print between 210c and 235c to see if it would have any impact on my issue.
  2. Not necessarily saying that it is. Just an observation of another issue that I need to address.
  3. Z stage moves very smoothly by hand and doesn't seem to get stuck or resist at any point. Something I did just notice is that my Y motors shaft/pulley wobbles, I cant tell if it is the shaft on the motor or the pulley is malformed. When you move the print head by hand you can feel the wobble as well.
  4. Unfortunately it is 1.75mm. I seem to have gotten rid of most of the banding but it still just doesn't look up to par. I printed the cups both at .1mm layer height and 25mm/sec at 210 and also raised the temp to 220 to see if that had any affect. They both look like someone used an old paintbrush with old paint and you can see the brush strokes left behind. Its interesting because it looks as tho a lot of the rough bits don't make it all the way around the layer. It looks like some of the layers are bulging out. Is this just the way the UM2 prints and I'm just being picky? I greased the Z stage and checked it for any play and everything looks to be OK. Im curious as to how your situation works out and if your problem and mine are related. Thanks again for everyone's help thus far!
  5. Oh yeah and thanks for the tip on the Z stage, I will check it here in a sec.
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention that they are both printed in PLA and at .1mm layer height. As for the overhangs I was actually more referring to the overall quality of the outer shell aside from the overhangs, its not nearly as smooth as the juicer printed on the Replicator 2. The layers are a lot more .....apparent I guess, not sure what the right word is to describe it. My fans are working, all three are blowing. Here is a close up of what I am talking about. I am currently printing a vase at .1mm layer height 200 degrees and 25mm/sec and am getting the same results. Everything I've printed so far just hasn't come out as "smooth" as I am used to at a .1mm resolution. I really appreciate your help so far, thank you very much!
  7. Hello all! I just received my UM2 and am having some issues achieving high quality prints. All of my prints are printing with rough non uniform surfaces, and horizontal bands. The fruit juicer on the left is from my Rep2 and the one on the right is from my UM2 My settings are: 0.1mm Layer height 210 Hotend 60 Bed 50mm/s Speed Acceleration turned down to 3000 to prevent ringing. Any help would be much appreciated!
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