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  1. Here is a quick sum up of my latest try outs to fix the problem. 1/ I have done the pulley test. They are okay. 2/ I have tried to redraw and reexport my STL file from rhino. The problem happens again. 3/ I have tried printing an example from CURA, without passing through Rhino, on the printer, the problem happens again. 4/ I have changed the SD card I am working with, reinstalled CURA and retry a print from a CURA example, the problem happens again although it is not as bad as before. The problem happens also when I try to print with Slic3r. I am starting to think that think that they mi
  2. Thank you for your answer. The pulley seems fine. i have tried to print another Gcode file exported by a friend and it is working perfectly. I recon there might have been a Bug while exporting. I am exporting from Rhino to Cura. Has anyone already experienced this kind of issues?
  3. Hi everyone, After moving it to another room because of the noise, my Ultimaker has started deviating on the X axis while printing. By example, it will print 20 layers on the right spot (the one shown on Cura) and the 20 other layers one centimeter further right. I wonder if something went wrong with the calibration while I moved it. Being a very new user, I would like to have the advice of more experienced people before fiddling with the machine. Here is a picture of the results. On the right a good print, on the left what I have now. Thanks a lot!
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