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  1. i buy mine after march, but it look like the indicator is on the top, when i tight it until i have a good resistance indicator still up. i'm not sure if i should force to add the indicator on the middle
  2. how i can now i have the good amount of pressure in the material feeder. should i tight until i feel some resistance ?
  3. i have the issue without support material, some how it's look related to the model size and density, but my cpu is never full @ 100% yerstaday i have to reduce the polycount, and it print the triangle :(
  4. hello, non y a un soucis. mes modèles zbrush passe systématiquement en 0.02 et 0.04 quand il y a moins de haute frequence. Le niveau de detail et la propreté sont extroardinaires. j'attendais une imprimante de ce niveau, vu le prix, j'aurais fait la tronche si elle n'avait pas tenu ses promesses. sur ce blog on peut voir quelque print en 20 microns http://davedurant.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/ultimaker-faq-but-what-about-the-quality-of-prints/ mes reglages sont assez classiques, je descend la vitesse a 60, et j'evite le infill dès que je peux pour garder les contours les plus reguliers pos
  5. issue reported here : https://github.com/daid/Cura/issues/949 hope it will be fixed, because i can't use my new um2 at its full potential, it's a bit frustrating.
  6. so they finally found a solution, someone from ultimaker team can confirm on this thread. q1 2015 is far, but at least we have a reason to wait
  7. i try to understand the issue for my personnal culture (i'm totaly newb in 3d printing) : two heads carry to much heat so it will hard to contain a good temperature for pla, is that ?
  8. thanks for the answer Daid, good idea ot research on soluble material. glad team moving on a bigger place. i believe soluble material on support with 100% infill is the way to get full quality everywhere.
  9. damn, i didn't see this thread, i buy the ultimaker 2 for the announced dual extruder. :( any news ultimaker team ?
  10. that depend the surface of the mesh, decimation master can go pretty far and keep good looking model. but a model with a high frequency surface start to be more complicated. anyway that doesn't change the fact that i can achieve it on simplify3d, but would like to use cura also.
  11. my pc have a pretty strong hardware, but it can be an incompatibility issue, is there specific distrib to install or redist maybe ? but 2 mill triangles is average to enjoy the 0.02 mm of the ultimaker 2 and it decimate from a 32 mil mesh from zbrush. at least i have no issue with simplify3d, but i would like to use cura.
  12. thanks for answering. my model is a sculpt from zbrush, it's use decimation master to down the sculpt max to 1 000 000, otherwise i start loosing detail. And with the ultimaker 2 can handle 0.02, it sad to don't use it . but even in 0.06 cura is very slow and stuck for more than 10 mn, sometime never respond so i can't save my gcode. in comparaison simplify3d slice it in seconds, but charge 99% the cpu, that the behavior epected for extensive 3d operation.
  13. hello, i'm totally new in cura edition, and i have performance issue, if i load a decimate mesh of 2 000 000 tri and try to reach a 15 * 15 cm size cura look stuck, some time it take more than 10 mn to change a setting and sometime it still simply stuck. i see my processor just use @ 15% and memory @ 10% is there some optimisation issue ? or i'm the only one to have this performance ? thanks (and sorry for my poor english)
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