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  1. Thanks for your reply, So is there no way to improve this surface between the support material and the outer layer? I have tried slowing the print speed of the outer layer, also changing the heat of the nozzle so that the plastic is extruded at a lower temperature and less likely to droop, along with changing the overlap of the extrusion. I thought that some of these may improve the quality of the layer. Any other thoughts on this?
  2. I have recently started using an Ultimaker. I have had problems with the layer above the support material. The layer is uneven and very untidy, you can see the individual strands of plastic. The part pictured below is an example of the problem.It is the handle of a fork hence why it could not be printed flat. A similar thing continues all the way down the fork however I am unable to show the rest due to IP. i have had this problem on a lot of products I have been prototyping! Thanks for your help in advance ! !
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