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  1. We bought a ultimaker original with dual extruder kit. The building process was flawless but the printing is not a 100%. We started with the ultimaker robot because we have a reference model printed with a demo machine at our company, the main difference was the accuracy of the layer and the depth of the eyes and chest parts. They were almost gone. We tried the normal mode in Cura and the fine mode suggested many times on the forum: 20mm /190degrees . The fine mode was a little bit better but still no flat surfaces (wobbly) Then we tried the maker fare robot and found out that the moveable parts were merging together in the print while in Cure in layer mode you could see that they should me apart. (leg part..) i did all the calibration that was needed and can't find out what to do next! Please give some advies! Thanx! http://www.funlabs.nl/ulti/foto1.jpg (printed at 20mm/s 190degrees) foto1: not a flat surface, "bleeding" at the arms.. http://www.funlabs.nl/ulti/foto2.jpg foto2: the spacing at the legs is filled in, in foto3 in cura you can clearly see the space. this is printed at the normal speed in cura http://www.funlabs.nl/ulti/foto3.jpg
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