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  1. I would rather see these files as a good addition to the UM2 git repository. Maybe somebody with commit rights can add them to https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/tree/master/1546 ultimainboard V2.1.4
  2. Oelung der Rundstäbe

    Von 3D Solex gibt es ein Öl mit einem Text-Marker-ähnlichen Applikator: http://3dsolex.com/product/super-slip-xl/ Ich selber verwende bei mir einen Lipgloss Applikator (so was, wie den hier: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/6pcs-lot-6ml-AS-high-quality-round-lipgloss-bottle-tube-lipgloss-container-lipgloss-vial/32825480744.html . Damit hab ich bisher noch keine Öl-Unfälle gehabt :-)
  3. Pla flex in ultimaker 2

    In the beginning, Ultimaker even sold a flex PLA. I tried a number of Flex PLAs over time with more or less success. The more flexible the PLA is, the worst the results. NinjaFlex and similar do not work at all, but the less flexible ones can be used. You have to tune the parameters though. I use extremely slow print speeds - 10mm/s usually - and no retractions if possible. It also helped me to lubricate the bowden tube with a little dash of WD-40.
  4. I have compiled a version now with 100mm^3 and all other values standard.
  5. I would rather compile my own version of Tinkergnomes firmware... do you have any recommendations on which settings for purge and retraction after would make sense as a start?
  6. Does that mean that there might be a fix in an upcoming new firmware version?
  7. I see the same behavior with my UM2 since a while.
  8. Sharing some exciting news: the Ultimaker 2+

    So you want to leave that business to the Chinese copyists first for a while? :(
  9. Sharing some exciting news: the Ultimaker 2+

    I hope so too! Everybody who bought an UM2 in the last 2 or 3 months has an Olsson block already and many others have upgraded also. The block is one of the most popular upgrades for the UM2.
  10. The future

    Me too.
  11. general forum feedback

    BTW: I got logged out between my last post and this one :( Only change that happened in the meantime is an IP change. I didn't even close my browser.
  12. general forum feedback

    @SandervG I just got a notification to the email address that previously didn't work. So at least for me your fix seems to work. Thanks!
  13. general forum feedback

    I changed my email back to the one that uses greylisting. I got the "activate your changed email" message, so that is already working. Let's see if I get any notifications from now on. I will keep you updated
  14. general forum feedback

    No, no changes there. I do not regularly clean cookies on browser exit or such. After logging in - which should set the cookie if it did not exist - and then just wait a day, I am logged out and have to re-login. The same for Youmagine by the way! Thingiverse remembers me correct though Update: On Youmagine I have noticed that behavior for much longer than on the forum. Sometimes it does only take a few hours until I have to re-authenticate on the forum. Is the cookie somehow bound to my IP maybe? I travel a lot and mainly use 3G connections, so I assume the IP changes quite frequently compared to a regular PC.
  15. general forum feedback

    Since roughly two weeks I have the problem again that I have to log in to the forum again each time I access it - it doesn't even remember the email address in the login field. That error was there in the beginning but worked in after a while for some releases.

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