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  1. Hallo @Filmpalast, hast Du das Problem lösen können? Wenn ja, könntest Du Dein UM2 Profil für Prusa Slicer posten? Gruß, Reiner
  2. Since I use the Tinkergnome firmware, I will go with your recommendation 🙂 Many thanks!
  3. Good information, thanks! Now that I know what to search for, I actually found the M600 in the g-code - just not where I expected it... I configured the Filament Change for Layer 803 and then searched for ";LAYER:803" in the file where I expected the change command. It is actually inserted before ";LAYER:802", two layers earlier than I expected it. I guess the plugin and Cura have a off-by-one issue where one starts counting from 0 and the other starts at 1. Regarding the "Extrude Amount" setting: The help for that parameter talks about 128mm for an UM2. That sounds a lot since the
  4. Hi all, I just tried to add a material change at a certain Z height to my g-code by using the post processing script "Filament Change" from the Extensions->Post processing menu in Cura 4.8. Unfortunately this did not work. My UM2 did not initiate the filament change and an inspection of the generated g-code showed that nothing was inserted at the layer where I had specified the change. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong? Best regards, Reiner
  5. Was brauchst Du denn? Standardsachen für UM2 und UM3 wie z.B. Bowden, Printcores, Heater und andere Hotend Teile gibt es bei Reichelt.
  6. Die Bill of Materials des UM3 findest Du hier: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/blob/master/BOM/BOM Ultimaker 3.pdf Da sind mehrere Federn aufgelistet. Die drei Stück DR2160 und ein Stück DR1300 sind von Alcomex ( https://webshop.alcomex.de/)
  7. Hi, I am trying to create a new machine profile for Cura. I created a machine definition and extruder definition file and also have a STL for the build plate. When I create a new printer based on this profile, the build volume cube and the build plate representation are not centered to each other. The build plate is misaligned in x and y direction: I guess I am missing parameters in the machine definition file to align them, but I don't know which parameters to use or how to create the STL in a way that it automatically gets aligned. How can I do this?
  8. I had similar issues (the mushroom) and could mitigate it by reducing the retract length at the end of the (previous) print job from 20 to 10mm.
  9. Schau mal, ob Deine Grafikkartentreiber aktuell sind. Ich hatte ähnliche Fehler auf einem Rechner mit Intel HD Grafik bis ich den Treiber des PC Herstellers durch die aktuellsten Treiber direkt von Intel ersetzt habe. Ansonsten hilft manchmal auch Cura über die Compatibility Settings im Windows 7/8 Kompatibilitätsmodus zu starten.
  10. Hi all, what is the default retraction length that the UM2 firmware does at the end of the print? Best regards, Reiner
  11. I solved the problem on my laptop by upgrading to the latest graphics drivers from Intel (newer than the ones from the laptop vendor who doesn't update them anymore).
  12. If I edit the speeds in the sidebar, I get a popup notice every time I change the profile notifying me that the default was overwritten and if I wanted to keep or reset it to the default. That's why I was looking for a way to permanently set such basic values. I guess the way via .def.json files is the better then because then others could also benefit from it. Could you point me to a suitable set of such files that can be used as a starting point for a new set? Or is there even a documentation on how to create (and contribute) such new printer definitions to Cura development?
  13. Hi all, I am trying to setup new machine settings for my Turnigy fabrikator Mini 1.5 in Cura 4.6.1. I created a new machine based on the "Custom FFF" type. I could set a number of parameters of the machine there, but seem to be unable to set global max print and travel speeds anywhere. After defining the machine and extruder, a set of default profiles has been created automatically but they all contain default print speeds of 60mm/s which is much too fast for this little printer. Where can I modify the defaults for the printer? Best regards, Reiner
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