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  1. Thnks gr5,

    In the past I was working with material flow over 100%

    For example:

    - Speed 80%

    Material Flow 180%

    - Speed 30%

    Material Flow 130%

    I think that this might cause that the stepper temperature was high, and maybe the speed reduction many retractions in the same spot of the filament.

    Right now I am running a test:

    Going Under 100% for the material flow:

    -Speed 80%

    Material Flow 100%

    -Speed 30%

    Material Flow 70%

    I also changed:

    Minimum Travel: 2mm

    Minimal extrusion: .1mm

    I want to reduce the retraction, and also the quantity of material that the stepper is pushing, so that also its temperature is lower.


  2. Thank you for your answer gr5,

    I am going to aboid the test at Minimum travel: 3mm (Retraction - Expert config), now I think that it is just to much.

    I am thinking that maybe the fillament is getting flat and loosing grip because of the speed that I am using,

    The print speed is 50 mm/s, but because of the geometry of the part I have to lower the speed down to 20%, do you think that the speed reduction my cause that the fillament gets just too much retractions in the same area.

    Other thing that I did was to change the speed from 20% (Material Flow 120%) to 85% (Material Flow 180%), I think that my afect also the fillament flatness;

    I am thinking on doing the changes more gradually, and run a new test;

    What you guys think.


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