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  1. I just updated the firmware on my Ultimaker2 to 15.02.1, and the printer wants me to go through the bed leveling wizard. I had it dialed in perfectly before the update, so is there a away to skip the leveling wizard, or have the settings been lost, and I have to re-level the bed. Thanks!
  2. I have a 2-week-old Ultimaker2, which was printing well until it started showing some skew. Turns out that the X-shaft, which runs front-to-back along the right of the instrument was falling out of the bearing located at the front right. If I put it back in, it will eventually pop out again as the printhead moves around. Looking at it more carefully, and after removing the motor cover, it looks like the short belt between the X-motor and this shaft are at an odd angle, with the pulleys too far forwards on the shaft. This could be pulling the shaft backwards and causing the problem. I could move the pulleys backwards and re-home the printhead, but wasn't sure if this was the correct approach. Finally, with the machine off (and the shaft located in its bearing), I can manually move the printhead in Y fairly easily, but its much stiffer and less smooth in X. I have some pictures, but couldn't see how to post them here. Thanks for any help!
  3. OK, good to know this is normal behavior. Thanks for the input.
  4. I've got a brand new Ultimaker2. At the start of each print, after the bed comes up but before the print head leaves the front left corner, the nozzle extrudes several inches of filament, which ends up in a pile and can stick to the head. I can whisk the spewing filamant away with a piece of paper and it prints pretty well, but how can I prevent this behavior? I'm using PLA I've updated the firmware over the USB cable Thanks for any help!
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