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  1. Is the foreseen big announcement their USA launch? If that's it , it is really disappointing. Or was this supposed announcement a rumor?
  2. Thx for this info, I am waiting impatiently for this announcement!
  3. Hi, I am new to the 3dprinting world. I still have to decide between purchasing a UM orig or a UM2 printer. I wanted opinions of users about the differences between the two models about: -the print quality? -the print head/nozzle clogging rate? It seems from the forum that UM2 has more clogging issues than the UM orig? -the fact UM orig has not a heated bed: is this an issue? -which of the two models is more reliable to print special plastics such as woodfill? -what justifies the price of UM2 is twice the price of UM orig as they seem to print the same end quality?(is it just the fancy box/packaging?) Thx
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