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  1. Thanks for you'r replys. I will upload some pictures of my print as soon as possible. But not today...sorry.
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply. I forgot to say that my print is rotated at 45° on the bed. So could this be the failure? If i don't rotate my print, everything works still fine. The wall ist straight. There are no curves. So i think this is a cura slicing problem?
  3. Hello together, i'm new to Cura and fascinated of the great print quality. Since i got problems with sclic3r, because of a faulty g-code (shifting), i tried slicing with cura. My first part was almost perfect, but then I noticed a problem with my wall thickness. should: 2,0 mm is: 3,2 mm I read a lot about setting up the correct wall thickness (in my case, the nozzle diameter is set to 0.4 and the wall thickness is set to 0,5). But the problem still exists. I got just 1 inner, and 1 outer layer of the wall. The lines are just connected with poor infill (set to 20%). I'm using the newest
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