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  1. yeah- I really woulden't recommend this mod- personally shocked that it works- but it might be the high temps that help- The reason I woulden't recommend this is due to the fact the whole hot end is not optimised for 1.75... when extruding it would cause a type of blooming effect- and retractions most likely will be effected negativly - on the other hand- if you replace the hot end and extruder to systems designd for 1.75- you extruder will work less hard- and there will be less weight on your hot end for higher quality movements in theory-But also in theory- 3mm fillament has lower diameter error per extrusion so- its really a strage trade off that will probably land you back where you started in terms of quality- If i were to design the ultimaker- id probably design it with 1.75 bowden - simply because you can just buy tight tolorence fillament and run the extruder motor at almost half the current.
  2. any changes to suport structure being made or plan on being improved? IE: flat surfaces with easy peel away support or small sharp details supported with easy removal afaik its best achieved with under extrusion of first layer of the model under a flat raft like structure and support beams hoding the interface raft like structure with under extruded- structures to save material waste
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