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  1. thanks for the suggestion... that was the last one i tried before posting this... I might get some PC for my Trinus then and give that a shot
  2. Hi I have a frustrating issue with the upgrade of the hot end of my Ultimaker Original. The PLA printed mount doesn't not last long enough to print one in ABS. I am looking at buying an aluminium mount and I have come across some Ultimaker 2+ mounts. I wanted to know if these would be compatible in terms of the xy axis or if anyone can point me to a suitable mount? cheers
  3. Good point Jonny i think i like the look of the RUMBA to be honest. seems like a good neat little package. cheers
  4. Hi all I'm looking at starting a Printer build from scratch, based mostly on the UMO. I'll likely use a E3D V6 hotend (or 2), direct drive XY and custom extruder mechanism. not sure what heated bed to use yet, I like the UMO bed kit though. what i'm mostly interested in at the moment is using a RAMPS 1.4 but at 24V. now i know with out mods to the board I'm likely to turn capacitors into fire crackers but i have since found this http://www.ultibots.com/taurino-power-ramps-1-4-bundle/ i am wondering what people's thoughts are. cheers
  5. well in case this helps anyone... I put a heat sink and fan on the extruder motor and I have not had a problem in about 6 days of nearly 24 hour printing in most of those days. I haven't actually got the fan plugged in yet so the heat sink is coping by itself.
  6. i get the random characters appear also. perhaps the power supply isnt up to the task. i dont know off the top of my head what the output is on the power supplies but im running the 24v one that comes with the heated bed kit. im not home for another week so i will check it out then.
  7. i still seem to be having problems with the printer just stopping. its either an over heating or power fluctuation problem for sure. Is there a chance that a power flux can be caused by the stepper motors over heating? i'm thinking that the cause is the extruder motor getting too hot. i have ordered a heat sink and a fan to help cool the motor i'll see if that helps my cause. the problem only seems to happen during the day. since its the peek of summer at the moment i think the room its in gets too hot. unless its got something to do with power distribution in the house. i dont have a pro
  8. i think you maybe be right there. it doesn't seem to have a stable power supply and its since the heated bed upgrade. this morning i checked on a print to find that it was almost out of filament. i paused the print swapped out the reel and as soon as i pressed the knob on the controller again the printer reset! extremely frustrating. i wonder if i can run the old power supply through the mother board and just use the new one for the heated bed board?
  9. I walked in and watched it die about an hour ago... it was 15hours into a print... luckily it was printing 3 separate objects on the bed it was half way through the 3rd one. I had it back in my study with the ceiling fan turned right up that it was about ready to take the roof into orbit. but when my printer died I noticed the ceiling fan was off which I think my partner kindly decided she was going to turn it off. I saw the controller screen flashed with random symbols then it appeared that the printer just reset. as though it had been turned off and then on again. I noticed that the extru
  10. the head just stops where its at. the printer just seems to have stopped all processing of the gcode. i successfully printed 4 items of the same gcode but no more than 2 in a row without the problem. i have changed the gcode file a few times in cura but still get the same problem occasionally. i put my printer in an air conditioned room and i didnt have a problem. its the first time ive used the printer since november. it was cooler back then but now we are in the heat of summer.
  11. I've had an issue with my printer lately (UMO HBK) at seemingly random periods due a print my printer will stop printing. it is become increasing frustrating as i can't locate the source of the problem. I find we i go to check on the print the printer as appeared stop dead in its tracks. the display just says "Ultimaker ready" which is odd as this only appears when the machine is initially turned on. at first I thought it was the new 14.12.1 software so i revered back to 14.09 i did the same with the firmware although i dont know if that is any different anyway. i manage to get a couple
  12. I think I may be having a similar problem with my UMO. I notice that the filament stops extruding or it will under extrude. at first I though I had a blocked nozzle. I replaced the nozzle, the aluminium block and the brass shaft. I still get the same problem. I can't manually force the filament through either so its not the extruding mechanism. the only thing I can think of is that its getting a false temp reading. I have had a couple of instances where the filament will be completely molten when I feed it in for the first time, as though the temp is way too high yet I normally stay between 19
  13. ok kool, well I don't think I'd be able to switch my brain off from it anyway... I spend 3 weeks at a time away from home where my printer and only one week at home before returning to work. So other than that, drawing something else to print the only thing I can do is read thousands of lines of code lol
  14. ah ok well I might just quit now and wait and see. maybe I'll just focus on what to print next for now!
  15. I'm still looking into this, I will admit I'm having trouble. I am an engineer not a software programmer everything I know about scripts is self taught. I think I've worked out how the engine knows which extruder to use but I'm only guessing based on the way the python code send the info to the engine. I haven't looked to much at the engine itself, mostly as I don't want to edit it if I don't have to. From what I can tell the objects in the scene are stored in an array or list as an object list with a mesh list within each object. if the dual or multiple extrusion merge is used then the 2 obj
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