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  1. reduce the speed to 50% or less (tune menu while you are printing)
  2. thank you very much, the next time I will try, I believe the motors were switched on by some preceding "change material" operations
  3. my head (nozzle) is very dirty as well after printing with pla flex.What is the best way to clen it? there're no pieces that cab be easily tsken with pinsets.It is more like a sticky layer over the surface.
  4. With some spools, I had a strong squeaking sound with the standard UM2 spool holder. I plan to print the low friction spool holder, but for now I found a quick fix which seems to work very well, so I'd like to share it. I covered a piece of paper with PTFE tape (3M PTFE-Film-Tape-5490) and put it between the spool and the standard spool holder. I then did the same for the filament guide shown in the first pic of this post. the squeaking sound is gone, and the friction is clearly strongly decreased.
  5. Thank you very much, today I unclogged my UM2 nozzle using the simpler version method. However, I have some questions 1) how do you push the head? Is there any menu to move the head x and y position in new firmwares? what I did was using the "change material" to have the machine place the head at the front. Normally, at power on the motors are powered and stiff. 2)Similarly, when in the "heat nozzle" menu, the feeder is stiff (motor on). To pull the filament, once I was at 90 degrees, I switched the machine off, and manually pulled the filament. Is there a better way?
  6. I am sorry, it was actually not a firmware problem. It was just a material grinding problem that occurred in the middle of the print. When I came back and saw just one out of four objects, I wrongly assumed that the printer stopped after the first one. Today I started a new print and noticed it was just a grinding problem. If any of the forum admin feel it is better to delete this thread, please go on.
  7. I do not know if this is a firmware or software problem, but I guess the first. Using cura 14.07, with the options shown in the screenshots here http://robotics.dei.unipd.it/~fabiodl/share/fourObjectsCura.zip I generated the gcode in the zip file. The printer stopped after building the brim of the second object, saying print finished. Firmaware is 14.07 as well. Do you have any idea of the reasons of this bug?
  8. I noticed that sometimes cura (version 14.07) generates gcode for having the objects printed one after the other (print one, all over its z, and then move to the next one), while other times the objects are made in parallal (same Z layer for both of them). What is the criteria? Is there an option for changing the default behavior? I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but I could not find an answer by keywords like "one object after the other" etc.
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