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  1. Yeah, had the same problem. Colorfabb apparently changed the composition aswell. pretty depressing considering I have about 120 € of worthless filament lying around right now :(
  2. Hey! I got the same problem months ago with both of my printers. I was never able to solve it but I was able to track down the problem. I experimented alot with flow, temperature and speed settings but nothing helped. It was only occuring when I was NOT using original ultimaker filament. I got alot of ColorFabb Filament which is not working. I did not try out other filament suppliers tho. So which kind of filament are you using?
  3. Hello moeelbadry, I just checked on several sites and a good offer from DHL for 120 € (FedEX wanted 500 € ... Lol). The price includes an insurance and tracking number so You can track your shipment. Do You want more info about the printer? Videos, pictures etc?
  4. Greetings ultimaker community, I sadly have to part with my Ultimaker 2 (before they got renamed to Ultimaker 2+ etc), due to lack of time and spare room. Its relatively unused and was used on private base solely. Last time I printed with it is about 4 month ago. I am selling the complete printer with all the parts that were initially delivered by ultimaker (minus the box, i don't think I have it any more), including a spare PTFE coupler and a feeder from iRobert (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two) and some new or nearly-new filament rolls (from ultimaker i
  5. I am getting REAAAALLY desperate right now ... unable to print anything. Also disassembled the whole thing, cleaned it like a madman and after about 3 hours of printing same problem again
  6. Well, if I am not too mistaken I guess the teflon spacer is made out of teflon [Polytetrafluoroethylene - known for its awesome heat resistance]
  7. Phew .... thanks for the answers so far. Well I did tons of stuff already .... - disassembly of the feeder - disassembly of printhead, relubricating it, cleaning the nozzle - inspection of the bowden tube - saw a few dents in the end at the printhead. since it was a very small part i just cut it off so it looks smooth again - didnt help @3Dmaker4U: I will try and print myself a new feeder mechanism (if my ultimaker lets me do so, that is). Thats a good idea I will try smaller diameter filament to check if its really the bowden tube. What really puzzles me a bit: why does it only happen a
  8. Hey Will_Design! Were You able to solve Your problem yet? I got the same problem since about 2 months and I wasnt able at all to fix it ... Did the same as You did already but without success. For me the problem starts after a certain amount of time (always different), then the feeder is doing a clicking sound and nothing is getting extruded any more. If I let the printer cool down and try again another day I am not even able any more to get trough a successful 'change material' process any more, because the clicking sound appears again before any filament is extruded again. I am really ge
  9. Hey! I have the same problem and thought that it was a clogged nozzle. I did the atomic method several times but found out it was not really jammed. In my case its the feeder that suddenly stops giving filament. Took me some time to realize that and undid the error on a live print by simply pressing the filament harder in again. Maybe that is the case in your problem too? I did not find a cure yet, but maybe I can save you some hours of troubleshooting into the wrong direction.
  10. BAM I got news!! Not good ones, but news at least! weee \o/ I finally was able to narrow the problem down (I think at least) - after hours and hours of waiting for the error to happen it finally happened live. Let me describe: So my lovely printer printed the hell out of its nozzle, when suddenly a wild clacking sound appeared! Hard to describe what I mean, but its the sound the feeder makes when filament seems to be stuck. So I looked at my printer's nozzle and saw that no filament was extruded any more. So all I did was giving the feeder a not so gentle push at the filament into the bow
  11. Greetings fellow Ultimaker's, I got another rather noobish question regarding slicing. It already happened with several prints, and since I am a really bad CADer its really hard for me to mess around with the original STL model itself, so I wanted to check out your opinions first. All is better with pictures and pirates: I wanted to print a model of a lovely spaceship, which looks awesomely well in normal view, but once I check out the layers I have holes in the print itself. This is how it is supposed to look. Now the layer view: Please focus your attention to the part in the
  12. Did You get your problem solved already? Just a remark: I had the same problem regarding resolution. When I wanted to print something really small it just turned out to be really ugly. When I switched to layer view in cura itself I saw where the problem was: it was the file itself, so nevermind what printer settings I would have chosen it still did not get better.
  13. As promised here are some pix. They seem ok imho. Filament diameter 2.75mm.
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