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  1. Since some update my UM2 won't fuse wall layers (sideways layers) together. If I print vertical walls with more than one layer, those layers don't adhere to each other, like not at all. I can easily shove my finger nail in between without any resistance. It doesn't matter if I use external/internal walls or additional infill walls instead -- the result is the same. While that does lead to somewhat better (wall-)surface quality on a cosmetic level and less plastic gunk building up on the nozzle, the parts are way too weak. I didn't have that when Cura was still in the 10+ version numbers. Of
  2. I'm sure it's already been discussed extensively - so forgive me for asking, but I didn't follow too closely ... Is the UM(2) electronics capable of handling another motor that you could use to lift the head parking area when in printing mode and only bring it back down for the tool change?
  3. Maybe it fits better here than in the truly-practical-thread ... All the same material (except for the brush head, of course, and the towel)
  4. What do you mean by this? Something like this, I think: ... this goes also for joints where you would stick, let's say, one tube into another (there, you get surfaces closer to each other, if have them tapered)
  5. The print looks like the heads need some x/y fine tuning, but promising!
  6. Uh ... I didn't see that. It looked like only half the tab was missing
  7. I don't mean to offend, but the design IS kind of breakaway; doesn't really look like an issue with material properties. You could make those tabs a bit thicker. Turning them by 90 deg might not be a bad idea as well (not sure if there is enough space, though).
  8. Thicker walls and a higher infill rate did help a bit (I tried to make another one for fun).
  9. Yes, but you are also openly experimenting with Aceton @Jens, how does the handle feel in your hand? Is it strong enough to apply force while using the blade? The handle doesn't feel as nice as softish magnolia wood (which is kind of standard for everyday-knives of that kind) in that it becomes a little more slippery if there is some fat. Other than that it comes surprisingly close to a real wood feel. The material* is tough/strong enough to take loads of abuse, but not as stiff as wood - you wouldn't notice while using the knife, but when willingly trying to bend the handle. What I rea
  10. Although it seems the thread moved on towards chemical welding ... For the benefits of availability anywhere anytime and being (relatively) harmles, I use CA glue, the cheapest I can find (the super runny stuff, no gel!), hold/clamp the pieces together and just go all the way around the joint gap. Other than that, I try to design parts in a way suited for glueing. PLA often doesn't adhere instantly; so, it may need some time for the glue to harden. If there are somewhat larger gaps due bad tolerances, you can fill them with CA glue and almost any kind of fine powder at hand (no joke, flour,
  11. One of my thoughts - a naive one, I guess - is that some UM staff might (if loosely) follow certain topics here ... As for intention, I'd like to guess: Unknown UM staff member: "Have you had a look at the internet lately? What they used to call Metro in windows and what kinda evolved into material design is all the hype now! Super flat, man! It looks so flat and borderless and shit, you can't even tell it's there! All the cool guys have it now. Can we have that too, please? Pretty pretty pleaaase?!"
  12. Not sure if low quality pictures of boring everyday-stuff count ... Looks-almost-like-wood knife handle:
  13. Can anybody please tell me where the jump-to-first-unread-posting-button is? Seriously, I'm too stupid ... Other than that, did somebody already tell them that the new forum design is just ... crap? (Among the words that crossed my mind, this was one of the nicer ones) It uses huge(!) amounts of space for huge white areas (white and other fluffy light colours) with nearly zero information. The general forum overview isn't exactly very ... overviewy; so is the overview page of each subforum. My screen is well in the mid range, size-wise, I think, and with that very screen of mine, I manage t
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