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  1. Marvelous test suggestion. My printer starts skipping and the print fails at the 5mm3/s step. That is rather bad, is it not? So, that means I have to tune down the speed for low quality prints to at least 0.25 (layer) * 0.4 * 50 = 5m3/s
  2. Only with my own prints. So, there must be something wrong during slicing. The same source stl files produce correct gcode for the reprap (via Slicr). Anyway, the problem is in (my settings of) CURA. There are not many, I must be missing something obvious. I posted the settings in the "Album" as png.
  3. I have printed with repraps before, and finally bought an Ultimaker2 to get even better quality. However when I print, there are no "walls". Above the 3 first layers, everything, the edge included, is "infill". Printing with CURA, generated g-code and put it on SD card.
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