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  1. great topic, i was having the same problem
  2. aha ok, maybe i can make it useful in the future
  3. while fixing a broken temp sensor, i saw a loose connector after removing the cover. what's it for, and does it need to be connected?
  4. sybold

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    New print
  5. just create a new one, was indeed a great post
  6. osx 10.11 el capitan gets a new default system font yes. Did some more testing, it's only wrong on the first start of the program, where the add printer dialog opens at first. After loading the add printer window manually the font look ok. so the font is not the problem.
  7. sure, here is link to my dropbox, i added a few crash logs
  8. crashes a lot btw, don't get a chance to slice a test print before crashing
  9. OS X El Capitan GM, used the latest build from a few minutes ago
  10. ah well, will be fixed in the next update i guess
  11. does the xt stick to it? if yes, maybe some polishing would help
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