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  1. Thanks, really nice vid! I've never been fond of linear regulators so this sounds like a great idea. I think the electronics board is one of the few things i've not yet upgraded (was a bit nervous). Have you had any problems since the upgrade? I was wondering if the motors caused any problems after adjusting the pots or all was ok. Cheers!
  2. Good point about the motors!. I put in a direct drive system on my UM some time ago so hopefully t should be a bit easier to work around them. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the advice, on order now and looking forward to trying it out! Next thing for me is to try putting the Ultimaker in a glass cabinet or cupboard to keep the heat from escaping and cracking the ABS
  4. Nice schematic! thanks for sharing, if you don't mind me copying then i'd like to setup something similar when I get time. Until then, is there a quick way to get up and running? for example will the UM1 heater work or can any other UM1 parts be swapped in temporarily such as the block? If yes, are there any major downsides? I'ts hard for me to know yet since I haven't got the kit in my hand yet. Cheers
  5. Thanks very much for the info, that helps me a lot, now to order the kit also and see how it goes. Had some great results with PLA but now time to go ABS i'm finding PLA a little weaker and bit brittle (even the reinforced stuff). Regarding the PC PSU, it should have plenty of power left over - it's 800W and manages to put most of the power on a single rail, but i'm not sure exactly how to wire up the hotend to both the PC PSU and the Ultimaker. For the heated bed, I used a totally separate circuit (mosfet/switch), with a small oled screen and a rotary encoder to monitor the temps and se
  6. Thanks for your help, I'll give it and try and keep an eye on the temps. Good point you have about the regulator, I didn't think about that so I'll check the specs in case it's a linear regulator (which normally like less of a difference between the input and output voltage).
  7. Hi all, Just wondering how do you guys rate the E3D V6 hotend on an UM1 with ABS after using it for some time now? I would like to start ABS printing, wasn't sure what the options were and started digging through this thread. At the moment i'm using a self built heated bed (powered by a single rail PC PSU), but not sure what hotend to go for. As another option, is the UM2 hotend any good for ABS and is it compatible with the UM1? If I go for the E3D, what will I need? e.g. the v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 3.00mm Bowden ? Also, will the existing 2.85m plastic I already have be ok
  8. Hi all, After many prints on my Ultimaker, the 19V power supply finally packed in. Looking around the house I found a couple of 20V Laptop chargers (135W / 200W) and they both have the same plug type. Is it safe to use a 20V power supply? (the watts should be fine since it should only pull what it needs) Also, does anyone have any idea why the display on the ulticontroller looks cloudy and a bit dull when using the original power supply (before it broke when new) but perfectly clear and bright when plugging in the USB instead? Cheers
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