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  1. ok, so that's no option. - already got a reply from innofil3d: We are currently setting up our distribution network and iGo3D is our distributor for Germany, but does not yet offer all our (special) products. What iGo3D does not yet offer, you can purchase directly from us. Please find enclosed our product portfolio. The flame retardant PLA fulfils UL 94 HB; we have enclosed the TDS. also hb. :(
  2. thanks for your replies! i appreciate your help! UL94 V-0 means: burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed (wikipedia). i will have a look at the pet+. i still can't reach the innofil website. i even tried different browsers. but i found their email-address in the google-cached version of the site. so i'm going to write an email. i will inform you about their answer if i get one. at least v-2 is better than hb.
  3. hello everybody, i'm currently searching for flame-retardant 3d printing materials that can be used with the ultimaker 2 (so 2.85mm filament). a longer google search and a search in different forums ended without satisfying results. it looks like innofil3d has or had a flame-retardant material called innofr (mentioned in the special filaments section on https://www.igo3d.com/de/3d-drucker-filamente/2-85mm-filamente/spezial-2-85-mm-filamente.html), but you can't get it there and http://www.innofil3d.com seems to be down. unluckily i could't find the filament elsewhere. so if anybody knows where to get flame-retardant filaments for the ultimaker 2 with shipping to germany i would really appreciate your help. the material should fulfill the UL94 V-0 requirements regarding the flame-retardant properties. thanks a lot! christoph
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