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  1. I have received the replacement PCB from Ultimaker support and will post back as soon as it is installed. Also, I will check for the pronterface interface options (currently no at home with printer). However, I think the cancel button in Cura should stop the heating anyway. Perhaps I should post a bug report in the Cura forums...
  2. You might want to check if the Z platform if moving freely up/down. In my kit, the left wooden side plate of the linear bearings cover was wider than it should, and the platform was touching the back of the printer.
  3. Before i installed the heated bed upgrade kit, I too stopped with the cancel function... But after the upgrade, I noticed that the cancel button in Cura stops only the nozzle heater, and the hotbed remains on. How do you stop the hotbed?
  4. Update: After discussing with support, they will send me a new heated bed PCB, as it seems my old one is dead (there is always 24V at the heated bed connector). Now, does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can stop / cancel a print in the middle? The PCB was fried when I switched off the printer during printing. Is this a fluke or has it happened to anyone else besides me and arnie?
  5. I suppose it would be easier to add pressure sensors instead of the leveling springs, so that the print head pressing on the glass would immediately register. You would not need the spring, since your are leveling to whatever plane the glass is currently at. Perhaps if I get my printer repaired I could give it try (I have several pressure sensors from small weight scales).
  6. Yikes! I was almost certain what had happened to me was a faulty board, but since it has happened to someone else, perhaps it should be more clear to the heated bed upgrade kit users that there is a way to damage their board! So, when you are printing with the heated bed on, DO NOT use the power off button of your Ultimaker. Doing so might fry the output stage of the hot bed electronics, since the power switch will cut off power to the original control electronics and not to the add on board. Why would you want to flick the power switch? Well in my case the feeder started losing grip, and I
  7. So, I have searched the forums but did not find anything similar. I have installed the heated bed kit to my Ultimaker original and printed a few parts with success. However today I tried printing something but noticed that the filament was not moving. So, I pushed "Cancel print" in cura and waited for the temperature to drop to remove the part from the bed. The temperature was keeping steady, so I turned off the Ultimaker from the switch. And here is the problem. I immediately smelled something burning and the temperature of the heated bed started climbing! I unplugged the power supply,
  8. OK, update time! First of all, thanks Sander. I understand that everyone has other things also in their lives to attend too. I have indeed been contacted on Monday the 6th of October that they will look into the issue. Several replies later, they had found the money "hidden" somewhere in their system. On October 7, I have received a tracking number from DHL for my shipment. Now, I am not saying that everyone will have problems when ordering. The point of this post was to inform other people what I have been through. Experiences will vary, and this is mine. The end result is that this will b
  9. My credit card company says that unless I report (falsely that is!) that my credit card is stolen, they cannot do anything. Now, good luck trying to justify to the central offices (I have been talking with my local branch for the whole thing) why you reported a card stolen two weeks after you found out about it!
  10. I really like the printer, but it is clear from the other posters that support is zero. I still have not received any reply from anyone (I have already contacted Sander. He replied once, but now still waiting). I have filed a formal complaint with ConsuWijzer (Dutch consumer protection agency) and I am waiting a response from the Dutch Police an my next action (unfortunately I cannot make a formal complaint with the police online, since I am not a Dutch citizen). We'll see how that works out for them! If they don't want to talk to the person they stole money from, maybe they will talk to the
  11. I was a happy owner of the original Ultimaker 1. The printer is great, dependable with awesome print quality. However, customer service is the worst I have had to deal with in my experience. Two weeks ago I ordered some spare parts & the heated bed kit for quite a big amount and paid with credit card. The transaction at Adyen (the payment processor Ultimaker is using) went through and the money were transferred to Ultimaker (as proved by their details on my bank statement automatically added). However, upon returning from Adyen to the Ultimaker website an error was reported and I did n
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