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  1. I need to replenish my filament supply.... does it matter where i get my abs / pla from ? Any suggestions for cheaper prices?
  2. I cleaned out the feed and increased the flow of material and that seems to have done the trick! Thank you for your help.
  3. That was actually my first thought.. I changed the nozzle and those prints were with a new nozzle...
  4. I tried to slowing down the print to 50mm/s and 240C and I get the same result. I switched the material to ABS, but still seam to be getting the same result and printing @ 260C with 110C table... Any ideas?
  5. I need help trying to figure out why I am getting such a bad quality print...
  6. I used glue. The piece I was printing was large and flat. The piece sticks to the glass and cracks when it cools down. I will try using hairspray next time. I have never used painters tape... would this help?
  7. I was printing some large pieces using ABS and when the piece was finished a few shards of glass peeled off with the finished piece. Now i have a chipped print bed... Can i just go to any hardware store that has 4mm tempered glass and have them cut the right dimensions? How can i prevent this from happening in the future??? Thanks!
  8. My ultimaker 2 is having a problem locating itself. I had move the head to remove a piece of filament, but now when I turn on the machine I get a grinding noise when the printer tries to go to the set position. How do I get this from stop happening?
  9. I figured out the problem... I went to Expert setting and selected 3% fill material. I was able to just pull off the support. Thanks again for reading...
  10. Hi all, I was wondering what settings are best for the highest level of accuracy. I can sacrifice speed, but I want to make sure all parts fit. Thank you for your advice.
  11. I have been having issues with removing the support material. I am printing a hollow cylinder type product, but the support material attaches to the piece inside and it becomes very difficult to remove. I have also printed this piece on the side but the support material on the outside also gets stuck... I am printing in PLA using the high quality print button with support material. Thank you for reading!
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