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  1. I was hopeful, but it didn't work.. The section of the file now reads: def _updateThread(self): while self._check_updates: result = self.getSerialPortList(only_list_usb = False) self._addRemovePorts(result) time.sleep(5) But on the right, I am still told "Not connected to a Printer". Cura 15 shows the middle icon as "Save Toolpath" until i switch the printer on, where is immediatly changes to "Print USB" But nothing I have tried in CURA 2.X allows the printer to be shown as 'connected'. Any other suggestions would be welcome...
  2. I am not insisting on anything.. But am just a little confused as to whether I am missing something.. Nallath even implied that the printer should be seen, which is why I don't want to give up. If it doesn't work, I am happy with that... But I don't want to stop trying, if SOME success is possible. As I said, I have had a flawless experience with USB printing in Cura pre 2.X, so just want to try. If CURA 2.X had no USB print support at all, I wouldn't ask.. But it has and I would like to try... Thanks for the tip about changing the config.. I will try that tonight...
  3. I am still not clear whether we are saying that Marlin based printers should work, or not... I went back to CURA 15 to see what difference there was and remember that under "Machine Settings" there is a Serial Port and Baudrate setting But in CURA 2.X I can't find this option. I don't even get the feeling that Cura is "looking" for a printer, and wonder if I am overlooking an obvious setting?
  4. Cheers.. I accept that it might or might not work.. But I can't even get Cura to see the printer. Even when its on, it just says "Printer Not Connected", where as in Cura 15, the icon changes from Printer to Save G-Code as I turn the printer off and on. Any ideas how I can even make it see the printer?
  5. Maybe I didn't explain myself (or understand your reply).. I have no problems with USB printing.. I never have.. Its been flawless on several PCs and 1000s of prints. And I still (happliy) use Cura 15.. But was pretty sure that Cura 2.x dropped USB print support, so I never tried.. But I am jealous of some of the new features and decided to give it a go, just in case. But the Printer button at the top, doesn't even recognise the printer (no surprise really) and my fears that USB printing to Marlin/Reprap printers has never been implimented. I know I could use Cura 2.x to export the GCode,
  6. I finally decided to try CURA 2.X with my Printrbot and as I feared there doesn't seem to be a way to print via USB. The Print button at the top just gives an error saying something like "Printer Not Detected"> I know that the devs don't like USB printing and have stated many times that its unstable... But in the older versions of CURA, I havn't had a single problem what so ever and i love it... Is there any way to do USB prints from CURA 2.x? Even if its unsupported?? My fingers are crossed, but I fear I am going to be stuck with 'old' Cura... Jon
  7. Do Doh.. I am officially an idiot.. I corrected several syntax errors and typos.. But I completely overlooked that comma. Its working now and for anyone who is interested, the correct values for the Printrbot are: "file_formats": "text/x-gcode", "platform_offset": [0, -3, 0] },
  8. Cheers for that.. I checked the "printrbot_simple.def.json" and there is no "platform_offset" variable.. But I checked another json file and can see the syntax.. So I added it to the Printrbot json and now I can't see Printrbot in the list. There must be something about the syntax that I don't understand. I changed this: "metadata": { "visible": true, "author": "Calvindog717", "manufacturer": "PrintrBot", "category": "Other", "platform": "printrbot_simple_metal_platform.stl", "file_formats": "text/x-gcode" }, to this: "metadata": {
  9. I adore CURA 15.x, but I decided its time to have a good look at the "new" Cura. I installed 2.3.1 and was happy to see the option for the Printrbot Simple... But when I load an object, the bottom few millimeters appears inside a layer of "fog"... Like the object is under the bed... Moving the view around, it looks like the Printerbot bed is rendered accuratly (Which is nice), but the print surface is under the bed... So I am pretty sure its just a visual thing and it won't affecting slicing/printing.. But its annoying.. Has anyone else noticed this? And is there a solution? (perhaps a wa
  10. I couldn't imagine not being able to print directly from a PC.. I have used all of the 'old' versions of CURA on several PCs, and have never had a single problem with USB printing.. Infact, I have been amazed how stable it.. No matter what else I do on my PC, it never fails.. Infact, in recent weeks I have had a problem with Cura/Python where it freeze and yet it still finishes the print, even though the Print Window and Cura has frozen. I would just find the whole 'write to SD card, take it out and pop it into the printer' so unbelievably restrictive and frustrating.. I want to keep doing wh
  11. I am a Printrbot user and love it.. Its been faultless for years and never caused me any trouble. But I have been running a little 'business' and have made well over 1000 parts over the past 2 months, and am now worried that my little Printrbot may not survive, and frankly I would just like to invest some of the money I have made on a new printer. I currently use the 'old' CURA version and print directly via USB and havnt' had a single problem in 2 years (even though its been suggested that USB printing is flawed). As such my next printer must have this option... Am I right in thinking that
  12. Cheers.. After over 500 prints, i can't believe I just noticed this now
  13. I have printing almost continously for the past 18 months using the "old" versions of Cura and still use 15.04.3 Today I am doing a job and am inspecting the layers and have noticed something that I have never spotted before... The "fill" is usually a grid.. But in my case the fill a series of diagonal lines which alternate by 90 degrees on each layer.. So you still get the 'grid' but its formed over 2 layers. I am 100% sure it used to be a grid.. So I did a few tests and found that upto 24%, I get the grid.. After that I get the lines. Is this right? Has it always been like this? I never n
  14. I am using Cura 15.04.3 and have a print which has 398 layers.. | want to look at a flat part of it on layer 25, and am using the "single layer" view.. When I move the slider up and down, I can get to 24 and 26, but not 25. I am sure layer 25 is there, but this appears to be a quirk of how the GUI works... Is there any way to get to this layer? Are there any "hot keys" which will allow me to go up/down through the model? Jon
  15. I have just printed a small box with a lid which fits inside the box and can't get the lid to fit.. I dug out my calipers and found a really obvious problems.. The walls are simply too thick. The walls should be 1.5mm, but they print at almost 2.0. I double checked the STL file and confirmed the walls are indeed 1.5mm.. And then I checked again in CURA and again confirmed the walls are 1.5mm I am still using Cura 15.02.1 and have a 0.4mm nozzle and am printing with a 0.8mm shell thickness. Any ideas how to make the wall thickness closer to 1.5? Jon
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