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  1. Hello, I'm using UM2 from 2 years ago in Korea. But recently, My UM2 have a trouble printing my cad data. I'm using two of UM2, but all the machines make problems. Here is the photo of output. What is the problem? This is my CURA setting Layer Height : 0.1mm Wall Thickness : 0.8mm Top/Bottom Thickness : 0,.8mm Infill Density : 20% Enable Retraction Print Speed : 60mm/s Travel Speed : 120mm/s Enable Support Placement : Everywhere Enable Support Roof Support Roof Density : 100% Adhesion Type : Brim Brim Width : 10mm
  2. Hi, I'm UM2 user in Korea, so please understand even if you can't read my English. My problem is bad output of UM2 I've used UM2 about 1 year, but I can't get anyting from my 3D printer. Please watch these images : I've changed filament and nozzle(new) and PTEF coupler. But It still doesn't work! And I cleaned knuckle of extruder, and changed setting of filament diameter from 2.85mm to 2.95mm How can I do more? Please help me!
  3. Hello, I'm using 2 of UM2, from last year. But, There are some problem lately. As you see, Under extrusion has happened. Both of them makes same problem. Please help me. I've attached stl file. STL File Thank you!
  4. Hello Guys! May the force be with you And I have problem with my UM2 which bought 4 months ago. I cannot control LED Brightness and It is so dim. how can I do this? plz help me! Thank you!
  5. Hello, guys! I'm ultimaker user in Korea. Recently, There are big trouble to my Ultimaker 2. First, plz watch following movies As you see, Printing quality is very poor. And Extruder makes sound like "Dak-Dak". I think this sound is maden by extruder slipping. Printing condition is : Layer thickness : 0.2mm TOP/BOTTOM layer thickness : 0.8mm Print Speed : 100mm/s Fill density : 20 Support : Touching buildplate Adhesion : Brim Travel Speed : 150mm/s And this is photo. Please, Help me guys! Your help will become very huge lucky! Thank you!
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