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  1. I would like to upgrade to the UM3, but I use more than one nozzle size on my UM2+. I have received an offer for my UM2+, and would really like to know if there is any plan to offer cores with different nozzle size. A couple of new cores would be expensive, but might be worth it. Since dual extrusion took 3 years to arrive, the plans would need to be definite, with an estimated time. It seems that it is an easy thing to manufacture.
  2. Look at the Endurance laser engraver. I think that with attention to safety features it could be added, and the higher power version might even cut 1.5 mm wood or acrylic, which would suit me. I am keen for someone with more engineering ability than me to try, so that they can tell me how to do it
  3. I gained a lot of courage after successfully upgrading my UM2 with my own somewhat clumsy hands. A lot of credit goes to Ultimakers excellent instructions. I am reading a lot about the Endurance laser engraver. It would really suit me to be able to cut 1.5 mm acrylic, which the 3.5 Watt version might do. I would only do it if some benefactor posted instructions as detailed as the ultimaker assembly and upgrade manuals. Actually I think that Ulimaker or Fabrc8 should try to resell the object, or do their own, which would make the UM machine utterly more attractive.
  4. I would like to download a manual for Cura2.1 to read offline. Is there a way?
  5. After I installed my Olsson block from Fbrc8 (with adventures) my Ultimaker 2 hit a sweet spot and is performing particularly well. I printed a tapered cylindrical pillar using 0.06mm layers and really cannot see the layer lines, so cancelled my idea of a pseudo lathe to rotate it in order to smooth it with sandpaper. However I noticed that the circular cross section is actually a polygon. Difficult to count, but maybe 40 sides, and this is just visible. Is this a function of Cura, or the drawing software, and can it be improved? The upgrade. What I learned: Replacing the Teflon piece was
  6. Every first Saturday of the month at 10 am a dozen or so of us meet as a Cnc offshoot of the Portland model engineers. If you want to try it, I can arrange an invite.
  7. Bit late reply, as I do not check the forum routinely. I am in Portland Oregon, ( not maine or Isle of Wight) and have an Ultimaker 2 that I have just improved by some replacemants. I would be happy to share experiences or make something.
  8. The free version of Netfabb does it very easily
  9. I am buying Ultimaker filament from Fbrc8 to ensure reliable material. They have the neat trick of giving free postage for orders over $75, which is just about two reels, plus they ship promptly, if not instantaneously
  10. I have been trying it out for them on my iPad while on vacation and had a Google hangout with one of their developers. This is the first ipad cad app I have managed to do anything with. I have great hopes that this will be the solution for the hobbyist who is ignored by Solidworks. It will take some time, but I have confidence in their approach.
  11. Got a page not found error from the link
  12. These are most valuable posts. If you see my topic on the ISense scanner, I have to agree that the resolution achieved is not really quite adequate. A friend has ordered the fuel3d scanner so I will be able to try it out.
  13. I have uploaded some images to my gallery, but have been unable to find any way to indicate how you can view them.the editing functions do not seem to exist and the help and forum search are useless
  14. I have now to amend the complaint above. I tried out the structure scanning software,after finding out that it worked on the iSense, and it worked and looked good. I also found another one called Model cluster, and it worked well too. All these three look a bit similar, as though the underlying engine or algorithm were the same. To close the loop, I went back and retried the cubify isense software, and now it works just as well, and also with a similar appearance.i think there must have been an automatic update. Later on in the process the isense software has some useful features. So come ba
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