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  1. video added to photo album https://photos.app.goo.gl/DXcQfq6DHkns8ekg6
  2. Six jobs done since the first post Friday. No issues with auto leveling. This is not soft like some of the flex magnet solutions, the steel plate is held firmly against borofloat glass and does not move during leveling. Ill shoot a video while leveling on the next reset.
  3. When UM dropped the aluminum build plate, which to be honest i didn't really think brought much value to the machine as flexible plates with low cost surface replacements are now preferred for Pet and other advanced materials, I had this prototype made up to test if this is a valid solution. Photos here -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/DXcQfq6DHkns8ekg6 so far it's working perfectly and i'm very please with the outcome. Is there any interest in a group buy? as a one off part it was quite expensive.
  4. can i leave this here? https://photos.app.goo.gl/DXcQfq6DHkns8ekg6 My vision of what an advanced built plate should look like. hint, hint
  5. I deleted problem machine and recreated. same issue. New logs -> https://pastebin.com/uSPt1Zf2 are you saying v3.0 will fix this error? Thank you, Trae
  6. I am also having the same issue, unable to slice when one at a time is selected. Using single nozzle UM2 type machine but not using SD card instead generating Gcode and sending to repetier server. logs can be found here https://pastebin.com/yNF3SWmd
  7. My formal education is electronics engineering. When you described what your were doing that IC was what popped into my mind and it compensates for more than just temperature. I don't work for TI and have no skin in the game aside from using UM fine printers. BTW your software is what attracted me to UM initially.
  8. I would be curious to know more about the limits of the sensing solution specifically thermals. All my UM machines eventually become enclosed and I expect i'll be building hood and door before too long for the UM3. Is there any electronic parts in the hot end to worry about with elevated temperatures? During development did Ultimaker look at the TI FDC1004 for sensing proximity? That solution claims to compensate for some of the variables you mentioned for example temperature.
  9. minor typo. "still based on capacity. Capacity is actually the ability to store electric charge" I believe you mean still based on capacitance. Capacitance is actually the ability to store electric charge
  10. Do log files survive firmware updates? I may have lost them if not. The US Ultimaker reps have a new module inroute as we type.
  11. Hello Everyone. First congratulations to Ultimaker for making a machine that got me to buy another printer even though I wasn't planning too. I ran into two problems initially and have one recommendation. I received my new UM3ext late yesterday and had a bit of trouble initially with the lifting function not lining up with the lifting bracket. Sure I could have recalibrated the position but I noticed the gantry was not square. After squaring up the gantry the lifting is working correctly now. I suspect pulleys slipped on the shaft or wasn't tightened fully. This type of problem is one I see frequently especially on newly assembled machines (we have 20 UM type machines at the moment) and believe the setscrew arrangement is not ideal for how its being used. My recomendation: This type pulley (http://www.sdp-si.com/products/Fairloc/index.php) has superior clammping ability on hardend shafts and may prevent this type of problem. Just my 2 cents. After I had the gantry aligned I finished setting up the machine and started a job. About an hour or so into the job, WiFi stopped working but the job did not stop. I ended up stopping the job due to a position issue unrelated to the machine and in an attempt to bring wifi back up, I shutdown the system intending to restart. Well when I attempted to restart, the system would not post (my assumption since there was no display or wifi active). After sleeping on the problem and reading the "Inside the UM3" thread (freaking great having that online btw) I open the linux board cover and pulled off the wifi card. System will now boot up. To confirm the wifi card is in fact the issue I installed it and the system goes back to the no boot state. Still, even with these problems I enjoy having open source type components and an active forum with loads of technical information much of which supplied by sources inside the company. A very distinct difference compared to Formlabs machines which are a black box and have virtually no information from insiders. Keep it up, love you guys/gals.
  12. Setup a fan to blow under the printer where the mainboard is located, see if that gives different result.
  13. If anyone wants to convert to E3D and keep the stock heater cartridge and PT100, I been making these for my hot end E3D conversions.
  14. Here's another way to run E3D on the UM2. Stock T100 and heater . After I made this version I revised the hotend and have its overall size about as small as it will go with the stock components. I run several pounds of ABS and the setup is working very well. I get ABS extremely cheap and have no need to run PLA so haven't tested it. This is an earlier revision showing the cooling fan and how its mounted.
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