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  1. I seem to have fixed mine, fingers crossed. After investigating pretty much everything, I re-soldered the solder joints on the heated plate - both at either end of the sensor and all 4 along the connector strip. Soldering iron set to 470degC, as it feels like high temp solder. All the joints looked OK visually, but re-wetting them seemed to fix the problem - for now anyway. I detached the wires to do this and of course re-attached into the terminal block, so it may have been a fault with a screw terminal I guess, but I'd checked that before without success.
  2. I have the same problem with heated bed sensor reading too high, so stopping the machine. Can you supply a bit more info on how to fix this with a soldering iron gr5? I guess it's high temperature solder on the heated bed connections. Do we just remove the heater plate and re-heat the solder for all connections - plus I guess the temp sensor component? Is it a standard thermistor by the way - if anyone knows the part number it would be relatively easy to swap out the thermistor... thanks
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