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  1. @tsp42: i've currently not an arduino mega lying around here. but i've got this old arduino diecimilia. just like this: U think, 1 could connect it as 'a try' to the ultimaker. so to confirm, that the current mega board is broken, before buying a replacement... but the io-pins on the longboard of ardino mega are connectet to the ultimaker motherboard. so maybe it woun't connect. *have to research first*: what are the nessessary pins for connection and do they fit aligned? this is the arduino mega 2560 board i found in the Ultimaker 1.0 b.t.w.: any1 has by coincidence and old mega-bo
  2. Obvirosly i did NOT burn the regulator - sadly... 'cause the problem still persits. so: step by step, let me explain... i soldered the new RECOM R-78C12-1.0 into place. Looks good, now, this didn't change much. After plugging in the 19V transformator: The LED's are still lid, the fans are blowing, the UltiController has it's light blue backlight. But the Ulticontroller is not reacting. Than i pluged in a USB Connection to CURA 14.09. Funny enought, that the brighness of the display was altered a little bit. Will say, I saw a very short flickering. And from time to time i could see the f
  3. Thanks for the advice.... after more reading this very forum here: i decided to get a member tsp42 adviced me in this forum: i'll combine it with the RECOM R-78C12-1.0 to replace the presumably broken LM7812 "Positive +12v Voltage" Regulator. (maybe it's overbuilding, but i wanne make sure, and a double security sould not be too bad, right?) i'll let you know how well it'll work as soon as i received & installed the material. byebye me
  4. Hi guys, well, we just happen do build the plainplain extension for a heated bed just yesterday: http://www.formfabrik.ch/leistungen/opensourceprojects.php it's really a great extension, many thanks to Dominic for building and sending it to us. here a pic to image the additional base with seperate power supply for the heated bed: in the manual it say, : "solder the 24v to the PCB board." which i did. when assambly was finished and i turned it on, it worked fine for the first 7 secs. Than it went dark (especally the UltiController) and the 2 LEDs on the both extruders went dark.
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