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  1. @tsp42: i've currently not an arduino mega lying around here. but i've got this old arduino diecimilia. just like this: U think, 1 could connect it as 'a try' to the ultimaker. so to confirm, that the current mega board is broken, before buying a replacement... but the io-pins on the longboard of ardino mega are connectet to the ultimaker motherboard. so maybe it woun't connect. *have to research first*: what are the nessessary pins for connection and do they fit aligned? this is the arduino mega 2560 board i found in the Ultimaker 1.0 b.t.w.: any1 has by coincidence and old mega-board flying around? wanting to share M; :cool:
  2. Obvirosly i did NOT burn the regulator - sadly... 'cause the problem still persits. so: step by step, let me explain... i soldered the new RECOM R-78C12-1.0 into place. Looks good, now, this didn't change much. After plugging in the 19V transformator: The LED's are still lid, the fans are blowing, the UltiController has it's light blue backlight. But the Ulticontroller is not reacting. Than i pluged in a USB Connection to CURA 14.09. Funny enought, that the brighness of the display was altered a little bit. Will say, I saw a very short flickering. And from time to time i could see the faint letters in the display saying things like "Ultimaker Ready" in the last row. But the rest of the display was sooo bright, that there was nearly no contrast between the letters and the background. Therefore it was almost impossible to read, and only stayed on the display for a very short time. I tried to capture the event in the following foto: (zoom in to see the letters in the UltiController display) The laptop could NOT connect via USB. There was no way, that i could establish a connection to the printer. Anyone hase a clue, what could be broken? // Should be fixed?? Any sound advice would be highly appreciated! Thanks, guys! ..-me-..
  3. Thanks for the advice.... after more reading this very forum here: i decided to get a member tsp42 adviced me in this forum: i'll combine it with the RECOM R-78C12-1.0 to replace the presumably broken LM7812 "Positive +12v Voltage" Regulator. (maybe it's overbuilding, but i wanne make sure, and a double security sould not be too bad, right?) i'll let you know how well it'll work as soon as i received & installed the material. byebye me
  4. Hi guys, well, we just happen do build the plainplain extension for a heated bed just yesterday: http://www.formfabrik.ch/leistungen/opensourceprojects.php it's really a great extension, many thanks to Dominic for building and sending it to us. here a pic to image the additional base with seperate power supply for the heated bed: in the manual it say, : "solder the 24v to the PCB board." which i did. when assambly was finished and i turned it on, it worked fine for the first 7 secs. Than it went dark (especally the UltiController) and the 2 LEDs on the both extruders went dark. So i powered off, unhooked the 24v cable from the power supply an plucked in the regular 19v adapter into the ultimaker. now the LEDs came on again, but the UltiController only showed a backlight, no more text or interactivity was seen. so my question: can you imagine, which part i must have blown? what to replace? would it make sense to still build in the RECOM R-78C12-1.0 // 1345 ? or is it already to late? (a great video i found just afterwards: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/7462-power-supply-for-ultimaker-1/#entry70903 ) from what i understood, with the RECOM, you can run with both power currencies, with 19v AND 24v... correct? thanks for your help. byebye DruckDuck
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