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  1. Misschien je block isoleren met behulp van siliconen?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm looking to upgrade my ultimaker original + with UM2 hotend and Olsson block to a dual extruder. So i'm in need for another feeder and bowden tube I already have some stepper motors, so before i buy everything else from various suppliers (China knock offs) i was wondering if anyone here has a spare feeder laying around? (bowden tube and or olsson block is also on the list so if you have those please reply!) Maybe someone who did the UM2+ upgrade on the UMO+? Or just someone who can supply me with the parts i still need? Preferred location is in The Netherlands because of the cheaper shipping costs, but if it is at a decent price europe is not a problem.
  3. Thanks for the clarification Daid! Some design decisions had to be made and are reasonable. Easter eggs: Red for christmas, Orange for Kingsday, flashing "disco mode" on new years eve etc. etc. etc. ? Also congratz on the creation of the UM3, long time in the making and now it's finally here with all it's glory Can't wait to read more of these "inside the Ultimaker 3" posts.
  4. I was self sourcing an UMO+, so i had the choice and i really liked the small size of the UM2 head and the dual fans.
  5. I've put an UM2 Head on a UMO+ with the Olsson block ofc. The only "problem" i've encountered is that the head is rotated 90 degrees. (Height of the X and Y axis is switched) This can be fixed to turn the alu part 90 degrees back. This drops the option for possible dual extrusion, since there is only 1 hole going through the whole head for the filament, ptfe, nozzle etc.
  6. it's a recently build self sourced UMO+. Some parts are original like the ulticontroller, the mainboard, stepper motors and the heated bed. The rest is gathered from different places. So it's a new problem on a new printer, so you can say a new problem that has been happening recently I flashed a custom firmware that clears the whole eeprom etc. then reflashed the printer with cura 15.04 (Thesame firmware i had on it before) For some reason the printer has been functioning right untill now. Some under extrusion problems but nothing strange i can't fix myself. So thank you everyone for the input! Let's hope the problem doesnt return
  7. well it homes perfectly but when you look at the info screen (@ 0:25 seconds) you will see that the Z axis homes at -12.55. So even when the printhead hits the endstops which should make it think it's at 0, the Z axis homes to -12.55. Posting the first 50 lines of code won't really help i think, but here goes nothing.
  8. well i'm pretty sure that i choose the correct printer. One thing i found out is that the printer homes on Z-12.55. I've tried adding G92 Z0 in the gcode after a G28 but the problem remains.
  9. Hello everyone! I've got this little problem with my printer. It is fully explained in the video below. https://vid.me/e/2PVL Here is the problem in text. When i home the printer there is no problem at all, the x y and z axis all reach their endstops and the bed is perfectly leveled. Then i start a print, and the magic happens, the bed lowers (as it should) but it doesnt raise enough to hit the endstop and start printing. There is a gap roughly 1.3cm between the printhead and the bed. When i change the gcode for the z axis and withdraw 1.3 everywhere the print starts perfectly. I've been searching for the problem everywhere but i can't get my head around it. Can any of you guys help me?
  10. Hey Guys/Girls I've been working on a self sourced UMO+ and i've been doubting to put a UM2 printhead on it. The only problem i think i have are the height of the x&y rods. So is it possible to put an UM2 printhead on an UMO+ without adjusting the slider blocks? Also, picture after paintjob
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