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  1. In my current print I was getting some pin holing diamond shape like in http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5375-top-layers-not-touching-um2/page-10 Nozzle temp is hovering around 215, ultimaker white. I increased material flow to 110%, it seems much better. For bed temperature, what does hotter temp do for PLA? Hot temp => Better adhesion but more cooling warp?
  2. I tried making some more prints this very chilly morning, and nothing was adhering to the baseplate even with glue right before nozzle finished heating up. The strands would detach then dance around from the cooling drafts. Additionally, when the nozzle made a jump during the base construction, the excess PLA would insta-cool to solid as the nozzle rose, then when it jumped in x-y it would yank the whole thing off the baseplate. I found out about the exciting functions available through the LCD screen. I monitored the nozzle temp, and although set at 210C, hovered around 204C. I think this is due to the cold draft room. I made these changes: Gaffer (grip's) tape on build plate Nozzle set increased to 220C Baseplate increased from 60C to 80C (gaffer is thick) Its looking better already, will report back.
  3. Sorry, the pictures should be there now. Apparently upload got interrupted. I'm in the USA and have the UM2.
  4. Hi, I am trying to figure out what is going on with my prints. At first I had a material feeding problem (with kickback) that I solved by loosening up my material roll. My first print had just thin strings across what should have been a solid top Now I am not sure what is happening. Especially on the flat surface, the lines are not joining. My print head is very close, barely scraping across the print when moving. Can this be the cause? My settings are: 30 mm/s 0.1 mm layers I can't set the temp inside Cura. My one concern is that this room is kind of cool ~10-14C, and the nozzle isn't heating up enough. Can I control this?
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