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  1. Thanks for the tip Didier, the soft collar could be the answer ! The treatment my vet suggested if the collar would not work are medication. But for a pup age 4,5 month I am not a fan of that. I will order the soft collar and see. I am totally new on 3D printing, so I tought that made with very small thickness eyecaps made so he can not look aside would provide be much comfort. As he could walk and run almost with nothing on his head attached. As reply to "dude" ... If I could design it myself I would not ask for help. I am new in designing and 3 D printing. But I tought for expierenced desi
  2. I have cut out the top (above his head) and the lower part (at the mouth), but it stays a giant thing surrounding his head. He keeps hitting walls etc because it is so Large and wide. I was thinking about a much smaller design that would be easier to him (perhaps based on the eyecaps horses sometimes wear - so that they can't look aside) to wear. Because it is a the goal to recondition him, to forget, he will have to wear it for weeks. So the lighter and smaller the better I think. That's why I need a design, and really many dogs have this problem, so designers with a heart for dogs please if
  3. Hello dear members, I am really totally new in the 3D printing world. That is also the reason why I can not start myself finding solutions to save the life of my dear dog "Dexter" (only 6 months, and such a great gentle and friendly little pup). Here is the problem, 6 weeks ago my pup discovered he has a tail ! From that moment he is chasing it and chewing on it and hurting himself. Some research learned me that is a problem that is worldwide. Sometimes occurs with dogs who have a boring life (which he has not, he even has great company of my other dog, and I walk and play every day with both
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