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  1. Best example of how to ask the right question 😳!!! Separately from not not caring much about (saving) different materials, i apparently never read that FAQ 😎. This helps a lot of course ! Thank you tinkergnome and sorry for the late answer.
  2. Thank you very much @Diving Duck and @ahoeben for the workaround and further explanations!!! Since i wasn't printing that much different materials the last 2 years, i was wondering because my Ultimaker original (Marlin) somehow (somewhen) was showing Materials and the Ultimaker2 not. And it's no fun having 20 different materialsettings namend "custom1 - 20" on your UM2, because you're not able to export material settings/names ( didn't think about changing the printer 😎)... so now i know a little bit more about g-code flavor 🧐 Thank you guys!
  3. hmmm, sad that ultimaker don't support their old mashines in newer cura builds :-/...
  4. I recently updated to cura 4.5. But under preferences it doesn't show any materials, the Appdata->Roaming->cura->4.5 folder is empty. When i go to the marketplace it tells me all generic and unltimaker profiles are installed. i can install additional materials, they show up as xml files in materials folder, but somehow cura won't load them. can my ultimaker2 read material profiels in xml format? I already deinstalled every old versions and cleand my user account data, but nothing changed.
  5. thanks gr5 for the explanation of cura versions and infos! i will go back to 14.7(?), from were i started with this project. is there a chance, that this bug is getting fixed in the future? would be great !!!
  6. here is another one (at the endframes)its cura 15.04.2.but the problem was also there with earlier versions (problem is persistent since a few month i guess since 15.04 ?).
  7. well it's not easy to see in the video- its in sec.11-12. the the nozzle is moving a step back and you can also hear it, this happens not regular, what is also shown in the photo. i turned spiralized on, because i didn't wanted a z scar , and thats why my wall thickness is not 0.8 (with 0.4 wall thickness the wall is too translucent) i am trying to find another video, but its difficult to capture...
  8. i am wondering why my nozzle does an irregular "backstep"( on UMO and also UM2) with this PLA print? settings : layer:0.1mm walls:0.5 mm (more opacity) speed:20 temp: 200 spiralized: on any suggestions would be very appreciated. cheers imke
  9. hey thank you guys!!! well, i think its useful for me to have as much information as possible in a good working print file and i am lazy- sorry gr5 ;-)... ultiarjan, its a good exercise for me to learn gcoding! while trying to print a file from slicer i almost damaged my nozzle because it started right on the heated bed lever-so theres a serious need for me to use a proper start code- i will experiment with yours thank you for sharing !!!
  10. hello didier thank you very much for the 2 solutions! since i don't have achieved any good surface results in printing many pieces at once yet, i tried the cool head option, well some stringing is occuring, but this is easier to remove than to adjust the melted top. i am missing the temperature option for the UM2 in cura :*(...
  11. i am printing something with 50% infill 0.1 layer, 0.8 shell ,30 mm/sec and infill,50mm/sec, wondering why the top gets so "squished"? ok i saw that i accidently had the bottom/top thickness set to 0.5 but are there any other points to look after to avoid this rough top surface (already set the top surface speed to 20 mm/sec.) ???
  12. haha swisslike...i can imagine that, i will rather come to do some lasercuttings next week :wink:
  13. YES! i really had to bend the switch to be reached, so that its really curved right now. no errors since then! i also thightened a mean pulley nut on the x-motor shaft (never, ever trust a friend who tells you he already did that ;-) ), so no more x shifting and except from some reading problems with the sd card, the "childerens disease" of my printer are quite manageable i guess :-). regarding tomorrow @ fablab i am not sure if i can make it :-(... (preparing to visit the printshow in berlin though ;-) )
  14. ok it seems the cable and switch is ok. i will try more to bend it and take a look @ my old switches from the UMO ... edit: completed the startup wizzard, after bending it seems to print again (fingers crossed) thank you jonny, see u maybe on tuesday (fablabmitgliederversammlung) ;-) !
  15. thank you very much for your fast and detailed reply :smile:!!! yes i manually moved the printhead, restarted, and then the printhead is moving diagonally (!) to the left corner,stopps and stucks while trying to move to the left... i got a multimeter today and with your instruction i am going to try testing continuety tomorrow. with the bending iam not quite sure...i already bend it away from the switch but didn't try to flatten the bend inside...
  16. hello, i received my UM2 ~2 weeks ago. after some prints i noticed some shifting layers in x direction...so i checked the pulleys and tightened them. after restarting and homing the printhead is stumbeling in x direction with a "buzzing" noise and stops with the error message "...x or y switch broken...". after testing the switches manually (which are clicking), the x- switch metal sheet seems to be a bit flittering (?)but i couldn't notice something abnormal. i tried the factory default option and while homing, same reaction /message occured. i checked the switch connection on the electronic board, everything ok. what can i do, while waiting a week for the support to reply? check it with a multimeter? how? what tells me that the switch is ok (sorry) ?
  17. yes "only follow mesh surface" works great! THX!!!
  18. doesn't work for me. when changing from normal mode to spiralized and referring to the normal gcode it still saves it spiralized (cura 15.02.1, tested different paths/ directories). https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29640097/gcode_swap_z.rar
  19. hey, thx for the replies ! so its not hopeless yet... i will try the "swap at Z plugin" from PM Dude and also slicer and report back. i just need some time to get in touch with gcode (although i am printing multiply objects with small difference in height) :wink: , but this is a good way to start and learn some gcoding ! THX!!!
  20. thanks gr5, do you mean with "gradual curve" to change the geometry? if i understood you right, its a contruction issue, that can't be handeled in a differen't way with a different slicer? so if i don't want to change the geometry, i can only skip spiralized and find the best layer/top thickness relation, to get a more or less regular transparent surface? hm...thats tricky...
  21. i know the spiralize function in cura only supports objects with no tops. well, i don't really have a top on my objects and i would like to use the spiralize function, because it gives me a nice continuous single walled print on the transparent object. is there any chance to force cura to do more layers on the top, to close the hole? "solid infill top" and "bottom/top thickness" has no influence. my object has no bottom, does that makes a difference? 0.1 layer height and 0.4 wall thickness
  22. do you mean, you can't print one object at a time? in that case, you can change the printer gantry height in the machines setting.
  23. ok i did that xy- assembly from scratch, removed a wrong bearing holder which caused that the x-motor short belt wasn't aligned, aligned the y-motor short belt also, thightened all pulleys... et voilà ... MUCH better print quality !!! but same problem :-| ! i printed some adjustable endcaps and in some free time (maybe) i will check/change the pulleys ... for so far thank you guys for the support i learned a lot !!!
  24. Ok, i fixed some belt tensioners on the long belts with no effect :-( Also printed the y scaled, 45degree rotated U shape with a little better result: left wall= 2.1mm and right wall= 2.0mm, ok then, i tried printing the original shape 45 degrees rotated with the same settings and something wired happend to the walls left wall=2.15 mm and left wall has a change from 1.9mm to 2.05mm i figured out that 2 belt axis had a play of ~2 mm or so, so i fixed a washer on the inside endcaps which cause a little friction now, i don't know whats worse, having 2mm play on the axis or a little friction on the endcaps??? regarding friction and pulleys i am not sure if this "tilting" shortbelt is normal (sec.17)?
  25. thank you very much anon4321! i will doublescale it in y direction and see what it does, as soon as possible and then report.
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