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  1. Howdy,


    I've printed the Adabot Mini Fig model published by the Ruiz brothers from Adafruit but am not happy with the quality. https://learn.adafruit.com/lego-webcam-cover/overview Their version looks much nicer in terms of surface quality and overall appearance



    I have an Ultimaker 2 that I upgraded to a 2+. I am using Magigoo on glass. I went down the checklist of maintenance items.

    -Firmware 2.6.2

    -Ultimaker Cura 3.2.1

    -Feeder & Bowden Cleaned

    -Axles lubricated & aligned

    -Short belts tensioned

    -Lead screw lubed

    -Filament diameter measured and set for material


    Would appreciate any tips or links on steps I could take to improve quality for small scale prints.






  2. Woot! Thanks @SandervG. (I might actually forgive you for your aggressive elbowing during the moat boat paddle battle.) 4th time is the charm.

    I originally tried to print using 1.75mm WoodFill on a stock Ultimaker 2 but the filament kept breaking in the extruder gear and then baking in the hot end. I printed mine in Buttercream PLA at 50% size thinking I would use Barbie dolls as the 'design' students but the scaling wasn't quite right. I'm embarrassed to say that I assembled the printer with the extruder in the wrong orientation. Didn't have a lot of post-processing time so just slapped on a few quick details using acrylic hobby paint. Mainly just wanted to darken the laser cut lines.

  3. IMG_0897.thumb.JPG.cb11bc1e2fc9054f1b183f3ecb72be1f.JPG

    "The introduction of the first 3D printer into the Integrated Product Design studio made a tremendous difference to our program. It used to take students days or even weeks to complete a single prototype. With access to a 3D printer, students were able to create a design and hold it in their hands the next day. The original Ultimaker was working non-stop with students literally camping out in the studio to start a new print as soon as the last one was done. Students were able to rapidly iterate on their design ideas and the final projects were noticeable more polished than any of the previous cohorts. Now of course, we have an entire wall of Ultimaker printers including the new Ultimaker 2 Extended but the original Ultimaker is still there printing away."

    -Professor Ultibot, Integrated Product Design Chair, Ultimaker University

    Print https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1949-community-contest-part-5-the-tribute



    Ultibot's Travels: Going Home

    The season of storms was fast approaching and Ultibot realized he had been far from friends and family for far too long.  It was time to say goodbye to the Lilliputian bots. It was time to go home. Before Ultibot left, the Lilliputians bots threw him a grand party and the greatest dancer in the land performed The Dance of the Gear Bearing in Ultibot's honor. At the end of the dance, the only thing left to say was goodbye.


    Print here. Gear Bearing scaled to 0.249 with a diameter of 12.873mm and a height of 3.73mm. For small scale prints it becomes as much a photography challenge as a small print challenge. Video above shows a mark on the outer rim and a small dancing bot to show that each gear is turning individually and is not stuck in place.




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  5. Thanks @Labern

    As the scale decreases on this bearing, it seems like the ability to tolerate axial forces decreases. At a certain level the bearing loses the ability to act as a thrust bearing with even slight axial pressure causing the bearings to start to buckle. At even smaller levels the rotational forces causes individuals bearing to spiral out and the whole thing self destructs. Moving from 5 to 6 bearings helps some.

    Even gripping the outer sleeve at these scales can cause it to deform which also causes issues. Definitely challenging.


    Professor Ultibot and the Golden Gorilla

    It had seemed simple to Professor Ultibot, while sitting in his office at Ultimaker University. The plan snapping into place moments after he had finished decoding the tattered journal from the unfortunate Bauermaker expedition. He would fly into the largest unmapped jungle in the world, find the Lost City, navigate the traps in the labyrinth, unlock the gates to the Great Temple and retrieve the Golden Gorilla. He hadn't counted on how he was going to get the statue out and he hadn't counted on the snakes... He definitely hadn't counted on the snakes.


    This entry into the Community Contest, part 2 starts with a simple print of the LowPolyMonsta in 1.75 mm ColorFabb Leaf Green. The 1.75mm filament is printed on a stock Ultimaker 2 with no modifications. The LowPolyMonsta was then post processed to create the golden statue effect. The statue base is a broken print of the Apollo lunar lander descent module. The snakes are small pieces of 1.75mm filament twisted into shape. Professor Ultibot is reused from last week's entry. The whip is made from a small piece of NinjaFlex that was curled and then placed in boiling hot water & allowed to cool to fix the shape. The end of the whip was cut at an angle at the tip to give the impression of a bullwhip tip. There are a few little extra details in the scene for those that pay careful attention. A miniature silver Lilliputian bot recycled from the part 1 contest is at the base of the altar and might serve as a consolation prize for Professor Ultibot if he can't figure out how to move the Golden Gorilla. Barely glimpsed in the background is a Flexy Rex by designer Zheng3. Whether the dinosaur is a statue or something else remains to be seen.

    While planning the entry for this contest, I had originally thought about recreating the Empire State Building from King Kong off the side of the Ultimaker. Studying the static pose of the model I thought it looked more like a primitive statue. I imagined the interior of the Ultimaker 2 as the inside of a temple. The composition of the scene is a mashup of an Indiana Jones movie and a classic Dungeons and Dragons cover.

    Print is at https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1794-community-contest-part-2-the-ape


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  7. Ultibot had sailed the Seven Seas in search of the rumored race of miniature bots. He awoke to discover that the little Lilliputian bots had found him first.


    "Look at the size of him!", the Lilliputians exclaimed. "Have you ever seen such a thing in your whole life?" Even the oldest and wisest among them including the smallest and most ancient of the Lilliputian bots had to admit that they had never seen such a thing in their whole lives.




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  8. Greetings,

    I am printing a model with an area of small cross section columns (3.2mm x 3.2mm). Settings of 0.9mm shell thickness and 10% inflll on a Printrbot Metal SImple. These columns are breaking and appear to be only partially filled.

    I would like to have 100% infill on small cross section parts and 10% infill everywhere else. I am printing multiple models for a convention and am trying to optimize print time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you.



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