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  1. how to install this plugin?
  2. When printing true doodle3d and a second print is started the nozzle stays cold. This can be a Doodle3D Problem. I have a UM0, two heads, heated bed, ultimaker controller. Cura 15.02.1 and a Doodle3d box. Cura detects the Doodle3D box. After slicing I hit the top middle button it says print with Doodle3D. After a popup window saying: Printer found waiting for print command. Temperature: 23 Bed: 19 And a print button. After hitting the button I see the bet is going to 70 C Nozzle still 23 The gcode is send to the Doodle3D box and the heated bed starts to rise in temperature. The temp is displayed in the ulticontroller and in the pop-up window. After the bed has reached the set temperature the nozzle temp starts rising. When it reached the set temp printing starts normally. So far so good. After printing the nozzle and bed cools down to room temp. Cura shows the initial pop-up window with the print button. After hitting the print button again the bed rises in temp. Cura is sending the gcode again. After the bed set temp is reached... Nothing happens. Nozzle stays cool! Then after a few minutes the printer starts, even when the nozzle is still cold!!! Pulling the USB between printer and Doodle3D and switching the printer off. Closing cura. Note:Doodle3D is still powered. Starting cura, load model, slicing starts, hitting the cura middle button, pop-up shows, hit print button, cura send gcode, Bed heats up and then... Nozzle stays cool! This problem might be in Doodle3D. Can someone confirm this. Should I post this on the Doodle3D forum?
  3. I was planning to make a step by step list with what to do to solve his problem, but if he is not responding than it has no use.
  4. Yes you are right. For the OP. What colour code is the resistor?
  5. Ok a little it of theory. The schematic. +5 | - | | | | R pullup | | - | + ---- Messure | - | | \ Th R thermistor | | - | Gnd The value of a thermistor is usualy messures at 25 degree celsius. In youre case 100 K. Just messure it with a good multimeter. Wat would you messure in the above schematig? I = U / (Rp + Rth) Um = I * RTh Um = Rth * U / Rp+Rth) Um = 100000 * 5 / 100000 + 4700 This is about 4.77 volt. What happens wen the termistor heats up? The resistans drops. Then te voltage on M drops too. When the thermistor is 4k7 ohm, the voltage is 2.5 volt. 4.7 K is the ideal operating point. From the top of my head i don't know what temp that is. What if the you short the thermistor? Youre reading is 0 volt and you think it is very hot. What is the thermistor is open or removed? You messure a high voltage and think it is cold. Another clue is the replacement thermistor. With this the reading is normal. So I think you have a short in the wireing to the thermistor.
  6. I have two wishes yet. 1 - When preheating make an option to preheat the nozzel and the bed together, or dont go to the info screen after a selection. prehead bed and nozzel 1 prehead bed and nozzel 2 prehead bed and nozzel 1 and 2 2 - When i switch from quick print to full settings mode the setings are allways reset to PLA defaults. Keep the settings for ABS if selected in quickprint mode. Or better, make private defaults, so i can select for instance Yellow ABS and te right settings are taken. keep up the good work, pim.
  7. Why is this post still pinned? 25th of August 2014 has been passed for allmost a month now.
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