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  1. Hey.. Was finally able to print it, and it looks very good. Have no complains. Thank you everyone who helped. Really appreciate it! Sincerely, AG
  2. Hey Guys, Thank you very much for your help. But a funny thing is happening. When I gv a particular file (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:437382), the problem with the printer starts. But if I print any other file, then there is no problem!! Has any 1 faced such a problem before? Could it be a problem with the stl/gcode file? Thanks again! Sincerely, AG
  3. Hey Guys, I've an UM 2, roughly 3 months old. Today, suddenly I'm unable to print anything starting from a simple cube to a slightly complex hand bracelet. The problem is that the initial layer that is being printed started off being thick, then thinner & finally under-extrudes as it prints towards the latter half of the build plate (towards the back of the UM 2). Initially I thought it's a clogging or a build plate alignment problem, so for the former I did the 'atomic method' and for the later i repeatedly aligned the build plate. However, I'm absolutely unable to resume the quality of print that I was able to get y'day. Could really use your help in this matter, thanking you all in advance!! Sincerely, AG
  4. http://www.thingiver...om/thing:437382 That is the object i'm trying to print . I have used support structure but i'm not getting the finishing that is required . Sorry about the image links earlier , the correct one can be found here : http://imgur.com/a/bBhnc?gallery Do you think i can use a hot knife to smoothen the rings ? I shall also try to do it with netfabb once . .
  5. Hi All . . I need to print a product . the product i'm trying to print is this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:437382 So i thought of printing the top layer separately and stick it to the rest of the product because the the top ring is getting messed up due to support issues . I tried to use the cura layer view and tried to stop it at the required height and saved the gcode but this is not working and the entire objects gcode is getting saved . can someone please help me out with this . . the pics of the current prints can be seen here . . http://imgur.com/a/bBhnc
  6. Hey guys . . Tried the following : 1) Atomic method over and over again 2) Took a very tiny needle and cleaned the nozzle as suggested by one of the users . 3) Then i tried leveling the bed again . And then to seek some divine blessings decided to print Lord Ganesh. And http://i.imgur.com/J9BMs3O.jpg he is in all his glory Thank you from India
  7. Hi all , So my UM 2 's nozzle was clogged pretty badly , i used the Atomic method to clean it up . I had to repeat the process many times and finally got it cleaned completely. (I could see a tiny hole from the top) Now when i start my new prints i'm facing the following problems : 1) The PLA filament keeps wrapping itself around the nozzle while printing . 2) The print quality is really bad , i'm unable to even print a simple flat rectangle . the lines are not straight , it's just going haywire . Sometimes too much material comes out sometimes too little . I did the build plate adjustments numerous times . . Still no luck . My print setting are as follows : print speed : 50mm/sec layer height : 0.1 mm temperature : 210 c Here is a link to one of the prints , this one is the ultimaker robot . http://imgur.com/a/5U5P0 can someone please help me out here ?
  8. It worked . I used the Atomic Method to remove the tube and pulled out the PLA . Thank you so much for your help guys . U guys rock Cheers !
  9. Hey guys , Thank you so much for the replies . The atomic method looks very interesting , but i'm a little afraid to plat around near the nozzle area . So can i remove the Bowen tube from the back and pull out the PLA while selecting the 'material change' option . And is it ok to pull out the bowen with very high force ? Because this seems to be stuck pretty snugly for me . Thanx guys . .
  10. Hi All , I have an ultimaker 2 and i'm facing a very peculiar problem . I was in the middle of a long print when the pla filament snapped , which went unnoticed by me. Now the filament is stuck in the tube . Removing the material using the menu option simply doesn't work because it is beyond the reach of the material feeder/remover that is present behind the printer . i also tried to add some more filament so that i can print out this little piece of filament , but that doesn't seem to work . Can anyone help me out please ?
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