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  1. The last time I calibrated my UM2 was after I'd changed the bed... You shouldn't need to re-calibrate before each print.
  2. oops! Must have picked up something somewhere... Guess I'll just have to stick with TweakAt...
  3. No. It comes as standard with 14.12.1.
  4. Some progress. It seems to be a problem with the Starting Temperature plugin. If I don't use that, the TweakAt works fine.
  5. Found the plugins, they're in /usr/share/cura/plugins. Tried copying them to ~/.cura/plugins, but they still don't work :-|
  6. Yes. I've also checked directory permissions & they're OK.
  7. I'm sure I'm missing something... I installed 14.12.1. The plugins appear OK & I can set the required entries ( love the start temperature!) but nothing appears in the gcode. No TweakAt, no temperature change. If I click the Open Plugin Location button, the directory's empty. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I'm running Debian Wheezy. The plugins worked fine in 14.09.
  8. Wonder if I could get commission... :grin:
  9. Thanks. I'll have another play tomorrow.
  10. I'm just having a go with S3D. Is there any way for S3D to put values into the startup code? For instance: M109 S{print_temperature}. Can the {print_temperature} be substituted with the real value?
  11. I used a 3d engraver (Roland TS30) to mill them from carving wax. The finish is better than you ( or at least I!) could get with 3d printing. I've not heard of lost pla casting. I'll have to look into that.
  12. Or use a router bit with a roller guide on the end. Then just follow the edge of the board.
  13. Everything you need to print is included, including SD card & a reel of filament, even a glue stick for the bed. You'll need to download the Cura software and you'll need software to produce the 3d models in the first place.
  14. Has anyone else had problems with phantom files on the SD card (UM2)? Duplicate files, files which only appear in the printer, not when the card's in the computer? I'm running Debian Linux. I tried 5 time just now to print a job & got the wrong thing every time. I ended up re-formatting the card...
  15. Could be oil from production. The guide bars are oiled...
  16. Same part, different angle. Remember, it was printed at 2.5x your speed & 2x your layer height.
  17. I'm sorry? And printed at 2.5 times your speed & 2x layer height just to get a quick result for you
  18. My way's cheaper. And I get 9 sets!
  19. Very unlikely to be the same size or material. The bore on the UM is unusually small & the material is not very common.
  20. That's why I went looking for them...
  21. Printed at: Layer thickness 0.1 Shell thickness 0.4 Print speed 50 Fill density 0 0.8 outer shell, 0.8 inner shell AND a fill between them on a wall thickness of 0.8. Poor little thing is getting confused :???: I've found that going too thin on layer thickness ( and indeed too slow ) with the aim of a better finish, can be counter productive.
  22. It's not rust. That's an aluminium plate. Could be oil?
  23. Yes. They're exactly the same as the original.
  24. Can't print the collet ( it's got metal teeth inside )
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