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  1. Better than nothing, yes, but such things tend to come back one day, boomerang-style. I don´t like that. So I took this one. Says to endure 300°C, that fits perfect! :-P I can exclude this. Fortunately I discovered the benefits of atomic method and IRobertIs feeder pretty early, thanks to this forum! As I realised this temp fluctuation (during the whole print) I reviewed all my prints so far. If you know where to look for, suddenly some patterns absolutely made sense. What you see in the last picture is the same regular pattern as in the little spiralized thing. Of course the "frequency" of the ripples depends on how long the printhead takes for a specific layer, so they are regular within a block of identical layers. Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback! Chris
  2. Hi all! Moved from http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/8160-nozzle-temperature-range-while-printing-910-degree-celsius/, klausz and I had the same problem, he decided to carry on here to avoid double posting. In my case, this temp issue caused periodic wavy walls, especially on small spiralized prints. After applying the heat conductive paste, this happened: Yes, my mouth is still open too... Temp varies now +/- 1°! (Before +/- 10°) Since I received my UM2 three months ago, I printed quite some things, some came out better, some not. Learned a lot about all the beautiful parameters, prints getting better. (Learned the most around here, of course!) At the moment I´m experimenting with the spiralize option and get this cute wash board surface. Did a little research and found different things. I must confess that I noticed the high amplitude of the nozzle temp before, thought that´s probably state of the art and I have to deal with it. Harrumph. Sorry for that. Although I´m terribly happy with the improvement through the heat paste, some questions arose: Since the thermal feedback between heater and sensor is obviously so much better with this paste, why do we find these little boors completely naked in the nozzle block? That leads directly to the next question: Is the software meant and able to deal with at least a little insonsistency? I think yes, but some people discovered difficulties with the last firmware updates http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6613-firmware-surface-kwality-bug-1407-vs-1403/?hl=%20horizontal%20%20banding. This is a little test print I made while following the software trail on my research: Compared Cura 14.07 to 14.10 before applying heat paste. (To add a little confusion, firmware on printer is 14.09, but Cura 14.09 had a little bug in spiralize, which Daid fixed. Thanks, Daid!) So as you see, there is an improvement. The gcode provided from 14.10 seems a little smarter in handling the big temp amplitude. But if this amplitude is already minimized on the hardware side, the result would be even better, wouldn´t it? Looking at bigger, more complicated models with infill and all that, a permanent temp fluctuation will be compensated. If several peaks happen inside one single layer, the outside walls may look straight. Or the walls show an irregular horizontal banding, and that, as we all know, leads us to a wild wide variety of possible reasons including belts and axes, vibration etc. Sure, all of this has to be checked. But I wonder why this thermal feedback issue is not more common? Or is the heat paste more common than I thought? Would love to have some feedback on my thougts, if anything is nebulous, don´t hesitate to ask. @klausz: I hope this works for you, too. Fingers still crossed, please report!
  3. Hmm... I know where the upload button should be, it still isn´t there... I would post a screenshot, but, well...
  4. Finally got it, and the result is quite impressive: Ehm... At the moment you´ll have to believe me, as I´m not able to upload images. Something with the email validation went wrong. Will post pics as soon as this is solved. And yes, I will post in the other thread. I did a little more testing and thinking, this issue is probably worth a closer look.
  5. Hi, seems I have a similar problem. I also sent a mail to "noreply@ultimaker.com". I´m terribly sorry for overacting, but I´m in a discussion right now and had to discover that I´m unable to upload images... Thanks in advance for help, Chris
  6. Same here. Especially on little spiralized prints I get a really beautiful periodic wavy wall through this. Would be a neat feature for a plug-in (as Im writing this... sounds in fact pretty cool) But as you said, for temp- sensitive materials such as flex pla this is an extrusion killer, as I painfully had to discover. Usually the temp fluctuation should be in a range of +/- 2°, as I read somewhere. As far as I found out until now, there are 2 possible reasons for this: 1. Hardware. Bad feedback between temp sensor and heating element right at the nozzle. Possible solution is a hint from gluetolf in a similar thread http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6517-um2-temperature-vary/. That links to a http://www.3drucken.ch/2014/07/ultimaker-2-back-on-track.html which has an excellent step-by-step pictorial description where to put the http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0040GJ4I4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00 (german link, should match for you). Important to endure at least 300°C. Besides, you´ll possibly need some copper grease for the nozzle screw before screwing it back in. This works as release agent and prevents corrosion (also found that mentioned somewhere, can´t find the link). If that fails, well, I stumbled upon a firmware problem discussed http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6613-firmware-surface-kwality-bug-1407-vs-1403/, thats 2. Software. Seems to address a problem in the latest official firmware, 14.09. Don´t want to wake sleeping dogs though, as from post #37 on I was out, deep g-code-diving... So I´ll try the hardware tinkering tomorrow and will report. The copper grease is still on the way, but I think that´s not that critical (someone with more experience should please stop me if I´m wrong). Hope that helps, my fingers are crossed for you! Viele Grüsse, Chris
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