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  1. I normally remove the bowden tube from the print head to do the atomic method. So I will heat to 230-260, insert the material, normally push some through the nozzle to make sure it is flowing good, then let cool to 80c-100c and let sit for a minute before pulling. I also would like to replace the feeder. Its on my short list
  2. Its a new machine. 150 hours of printing. All has been PLA at 220c except for 2 small woodfill fine prints (failed prints). I will have to see about getting some more teflon insulators. Just seems way too soon to have problems, I havent had the machine 2 weeks or so.
  3. So I have been having a few issues with prints, every once and a while I will get a nozzle block midway during a print that is detailed and has small parts. It seems the outside of the nozzle gets too much material on it and clogs. I can normally retract the material fine, and just clean the nozzle with my fingertip and it is good to go. However, a few times I will use the Atomic method just to make sure. I heat to 240-260, let cool to 80-90. Wait a minute and then pull the piece out. Its always tough to get out and does not look right after. It really doesnt look like most everyone elses results. Ideas for the 2 problems? Is my bed to close and the nozzle catches on anything high? Bad retraction settings? Why does my filament look like this after Atomic method?
  4. I did solve the problem, see my post above (It was delayed waiting approval). I dont know if that will help you out but mine was due to me being a novice and learning the machine. Good luck!
  5. So, after some reading I think I have narrowed it down to 2 problems that I had introduced. First one, I think I had the bed too close to the nozzle, this was not allowing enough material to come out properly. Secondly, I had over-tightened the 4 silver thumbscrews on the top of the nozzle assembly. Combination of those 2, once I corrected those I have been getting great prints again. Hope this may help someone diagnose in the future
  6. So I am new to 3D printing. I have had my printer for a few days now. I have printed the robot with good success and some other small things. However, whenever I try to print something larger the nozzle will block on my ultimaker 2. I am printing on the quick print settings, the default one. Bed temp is 60c and the nozzle temp is 220c. The material is the PLA that came with the USA ultimaker, I have had this problem with all 3 of the materials. It seems to print the base fine, it always starts to block when it gets to the next part when it starts the cross section, etc. I can easily choose to change material and it will back out fine. After the first time, I did the Atomic cleaning method and it was perfectly clean. Here are some pictures:
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