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  1. Hi, I need help with a little trouble which is affecting the quality of my prints. I've recently updated my Ultimaker 2 to Ultimaker 2+. But I could notice that something weird is happening without finding a solution. It seems, this printer is not closing properly the outer wall line by letting a tiny hole. As a result, you can notice these tiny holes randomly on the 3d object's surface. This problem is more noticeable when you print at 0.25 mms. What could it be happening with this problem ? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me in order to solve this.
  2. @IRobertI thanks for your reply, I found it very useful. I would like to ask you what about printing these parts in 3D? with ABS? As I could notice, those 3d models are available for printing in YouMagine.
  3. As an image worth more than a thousand words, my problem is explained with these pictures. Is this normal? Why is it happening and what could I do in order to fix this? Any help would be appreciated :-P . Thanks!!
  4. I did the test and this is my result: I found a bad quality in the first layers as you can see them in this picture.
  5. Thanks to all, I could fix it as Sander told. Your picture helped me a lot. I really appreciated your help.
  6. Yes, I think definitely setscrew is longer but what I can do in order to shorten it ??
  7. I am so sorry, I saw the maximum speed instead of actual. The actual is 50 mm/s and I try to test printing with the UltimakerRobot.
  8. The filament is from Ultimaker 2, as a matter of fact it comes as a sample. I could notice that its diameter is 3mm instead of 2.85 mm, could it be this ? Yes, my city is very hot our actual temperature is about 35C. Temperature: 210C Speed: 300mm/sec
  9. Thanks, it's superb!, but I wish I could print it as I only have 5 minutes or less :cool:
  10. Yes, Mr. Klein, you have understood well what I want to explain. I had already checked that but I think, it is properly fixed and adjusted. I've attached a picture to show how the material feeder actually is. Sometimes, it bites the filament and gets stuck as well .
  11. I have a new UM2, just two days and I haven't been able to print anything because when it is printing, after 5 minutes or less, the small nut on the stepper get stuck and emits a beep sound and moves left to right and right to left without moving the filament anymore and after this problem I have to abort the printing. :( I don't know what to do??
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