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  1. Well if a fair test was done against your largest competitor than I would be proud but it simply wasn't but if that's an accomplishment to you than by all means be proud. Would I be aloud to create a thread (without it being taken down) named UM2 vs Zortrax and have a print listed that the community could print with their highest resolution and I would submit mine as well. Shouldn't be an issue if you confident in your print quality
  2. Yes but Zortrax extruder runs hot at 280c and does not allow you to adjust the temp similar to the afina/up. The filament they used Ultimachine ABS is rated for 240c thats a 40c as you're aware higher temp reduces print quality and that's a huge difference in temp. I spoke with Make and they made several rookie mistakes when testing the printers after further conversation with them for instance they didn't properly acknowledge printing temps, nozzle diameters in their testing, and the importance of support generation. I've expressed my opinion about the print quality with ABS based on pictures
  3. It works ok for a vibratory tumbler I own one but a rotary tumbler with higher grit such as 240 to 400 would work better.
  4. Aside from the fact that UM2 prints ABS poorly and they did not do a fair test with the Zortrax. They used a third part filament on the Zortrax that is rated for 240c and the extruder runs at 280c not a fair competition between the two.
  5. I've mentioned this to you guys in the "post your latest print section" but no one cared to acknowledge my advice
  6. You have a couple of options you could use Mr Surfacer 500 with a brush or airbrush but if you airbrush it you need to thin it out quite a bit if you decide to go that route. You could try this method down below
  7. I have a vibratory tumbler and although it smooths it out a little bit it's not that great. I would recommend using a rotary tumbler vs a vibratory tumbler. I've tried various medias as well plastic, wood, metal, volcanic ash none with day and night results
  8. Actually someone from the forums here (Wallan) has a better result using ureathane casting resin http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/467-post-your-latest-print/page-138
  9. So awesome!!!! Did you airbrush the urethane casting resin? If so what did you thin it out with?
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