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  1. I had posted a photo towards the top of the thread by a link... the forum would not let me link directly to the photo of the filament. Those in that photo are very short spots compared to the last few times it happened. The settings are default right now with the filament that came with the printer. I tried all the settings suggested above in this thread as well with the same results. Cura is 14.09 and I'm not 100% on the firmware, it asked me to update them when I first plugged it in and I did... After that all of these problems seemed to start.
  2. I will see about getting some photos for you of the prints we have tried thus far. However I think my wife and thrown away all but the last one we tried. There doesn't seem to be an exact pattern of happening at the same time/length of print. Some prints have happened straight away and others didn't happen until about 3-4 hours into the print. The last print we did we had gone out so I'm not sure exactly at what point it happened, but it looks like it had tried to go past the problem and tried to continue on with the print but it didn't go so well. As far as removing the panel I have not done that yet for a couple of reasons. One I have yet to find anywhere on the printer that only two screws would remove anything, and second this is a brand new printer and I honestly do not want to void any kind of warranty incase this has to be replaced. In the photo below is at one point where the loud clicking starts from the feeder and you can see the results...
  3. Something else we have started to notice is during the print the extruder head will move and it sounds like gears or the belts are slipping. They are making a fast grinding noise and then it goes back to sounding normal. Is this a normal thing to hear? I mean it's loud, and not something that I would expect to hear to be honest.
  4. Well, I have given this a while to try to sort it out. I have tried everything talked about here, other "similar" issues on this forum and I have tried things I have found on other websites. Nothing has helped the issue I'm having, and it continues to happen. The problem we are having is about the only thing that has been consistent since I have gotten the printer... lol... We have only managed to print 2 successful prints out of almost the entire spool that came with the printer. Everything other print has failed midway or longer into the print. We fix the filament and the next print might or might not work. We have tried different models, we have tried models built to print on the UM2 just in case. The same thing happens...
  5. I wanted to add again that we tried a print and it worked perfectly fine. We upgraded the firmware as the software told us to and then the problems started... Could this be the issue??? Is there a way to roll that back?
  6. I have tried your settings of a temp of 220c along with the flow. However the same exact problem still occurs about 2 hours into the print. It will be printing fine, it looks great, then out of nowhere the feeder starts clicking, it will retract the filament, feed it again and click. This just happens over and over until I abort the printer. All while the extruder head is trying to print as usual but empty. I guess I forgot to add that I'm using a brand new ultimaker2 I am posting a link to a (really bad) photo by url as I cannot get the image to work through the forums. http://www.throughheavenseyes.com/mystuff/fillament_photo.jpg
  7. ok I'll give those a shot and see... Everything on the printer is default from the factory as I have not changed a thing. I was also using the blue filament that came with the printer for starters and getting use to what I needed to do. **edit** also our house stays about 75F so it isn't hot in here at all.
  8. Please have a little patience with me as this is our first 3D printer and I'll try to explain what is going on the best that I can. We got the printer a couple of days ago and of course did a test print. It worked fine so we test printed one of our models and it worked fine as well. So we installed the software that we were directed to in the manual as we wanted to turn the quality to high on the print. The software also stated that we needed to update the firmware on the printer. So we did... After that we have yet to actually finish a single print... About an hour into the print we started hearing a loud click from the back where the feeder is located and the PLA that came with the printer is either being flattened or the gear the pulls the PLA is grinding away at the PLA and it will not forward any material. We have removed the material multiple times and cut the bad part off then reloaded the material for another attempt only to have the same thing happen. We have tried everything that the manual says to do but with the same results in the end. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. I wanted to update this as I think some credit is due... I believe there was a rather large miscommunication issue here. I want to thank illuminarti because as soon as he got ahold of this issue it was resolved overnight. Thanks again Illuminarti
  10. I ordered my printer on the 15th, I let it sit for 8 days before submitting a ticket and the response I got was less than what I would expect from a company such as this. "I understand you are excited to receive your very own 3D-printer. Your ultimaker 2 will be shpped within 5 working days. I wish you a lot of fun printing in advance..." ect, ect, ect... So I had to reopen the ticket and explained that they must not have looked at the order number I sent and that it had already been 8 days. The next response was... "Thank you for your mail. It's is unfortunate that you have not received your order yet. Your order is shipped from our facility in the USA. I passed your request on to our logistics department and they informed me that your order will be shipped as soon as possible." So with that said the ticket was closed again and I have still yet to see anything other than the "ready" status on my order... NOTHING else has been said to me at all by email, ticket response, nothing.... If I don't have at least some type of answer to this today I will cancel the order and get a refund going with the new Pegasus printer instead... I have all the patience in the world but there is a line here...
  11. Same here, I paid for the printer. Stated it was "ready" 8 days later still the same. I got some wacked out response from support/sales saying we understand you are excited about your new printer please give 5 days to ship.... Whaaaa??? Seriously it was as if they didn't even look at my order before responding that way. I am still in limbo on where my printer shipment stands...
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