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  1. Nothing different happened. The Material feeder isn't moving at all, and the temp is where it needs to be.
  2. It can't. I just deleted what was there and put the Starting Code from Cura's Gcode generation. Comments and everything. and okay,I'll try that out when I get home.
  3. and actually Cura crashes when I load in the G-code
  4. The same thing happened. This is the G-code I just tried using(minus most of the code in the middle) ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:24063 ;MATERIAL:28116 ;MATERIAL2:0 ;Layer count: 1141 ;LAYER:0 M107 M109 S220 G0 F9000 X78.064 Y106.112 Z0.300 G1 Z0.100 F15000.000 G1 X88.276 Y92.053 F15000.000 G1 X89.409 Y90.985 E0.00593 F1260.000 ... G1 X97.238 Y121.657 F15000.000 M107 G10 G0 F9000 X93.664 Y197.255 Z9.640 M25 ;Stop reading from this point on. ;CURA_PROFILE_STRING:eNrtWktv20YQv...
  5. Will do, I'll try this when I get home from work and post how that goes. Thanks for the reply.
  6. When dual extruding with dissolvable support material, is there a noticeable change in quality where the support structure was touching the print as compared to the parts where there was no support?
  7. I like the way Slic3r handles support structure, so I wanted to printusing those settings. The first time, I just used Slic3r's gcode, and my printer freaked out on me. The second time, I did a bit of research first and seen that the most common thing to do is to just copy and replace the start and end code from cura into the slic3r g-code. This sort of worked, but when it started to print, no filament came out. Does anyone know why that would be and how to fix it?
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