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  1. Implemented it! You can follow the progress here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/pull/3411 You could beta test the next release; the Cura team doesn't really distribute pre-beta builds...
  2. I could probably implement this without too much effort, but the Cura team is lagging behind on handling github issues and pull requests, so I fear it would take too long. If you respond to this thread again I might give it a shot tomorrow.
  3. Maybe you should update to Cura 3.2. This problem is about something which only happened in the Cura 2.3 beta thing.
  4. Yeah. There's now a setting called Initial Layer Line Width.
  5. Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    I totally agree. That thing is way too large and has way too much detail. It should just be a cone which points at the location in the layer. For feedrate visualization the color scheme goes to orange rather than red, which results in intermediate colors of poo-brown, which I dislike. It would be really nice to have (target) temperature visualization - especially for dual extrusion. And fan speed visualization would be nice as well. As for the rest I love the new layer view options.
  6. Introductions | Team Ultimaker

    Hi, I'm BagelOrb a.k.a. the engine guy a.k.a. Tim a.k.a. that dude with the beard which is better than that of SandervG. I work on the inner workings of the slicing engine which actually generates the gcode from the 3D model data. This requires a lot of knowledge of both hardware and firmware and of course of Cura itself. In the next couple of years I will be researching slicing advanced geometry which goes beyond the scope of an STL: texture information, infill density heatmaps and similar 3-dimensionally defined data which cannot be captured in a surface mesh alone. In my free time I like turtles.
  7. There's not really an easy documentation. Currently you can only run it by compiling the feature_texture_processing_rebased_newer branch of CuraEngine yourself and running it directly from the command line. Here's an example CuraEngine call:
  8. Those small pieces of support are being recognized as small overhangs which require support towers. You could disable support towers or reduce the support tower diameter in order to prevent this from happening.
  9. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    PS: which features from Craftware would you like most in Cura?
  10. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    Hi Chri, Cure does do some quality reduction on segments smaller than 10 micron when the removed vertex would only result in a shortcut path of 5 micron. Perhaps those parameters should be set a bit more aggressive... You could try the ABS profile from the UM2+ - it might work better than the default profile of the UM2. I suggest you turn off the setting Fill Small Gaps for organic models like this.
  11. Cura 2.6 | Beta

    This doesn't really look like a fair comparison. The Cura print has skin at places where S3D doesn't have that. Could you please create a github issue so that this issue is on our radar? We can further discuss there what the differences between Cura and S3D are in this respect.
  12. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    What's your operating system? Is it 64bit?
  13. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    What material are you using? Did you select the right material in Cura?
  14. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    What gcode viewer are you using there?
  15. Cura Hi-Polygon issue with organic models ?

    What if you try to turn off Compensate Wall Overlaps? Did you use the high detail version of Baby Groot?

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