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  1. Yup, just found it! I should have looked just a little harder 😞 Thanks!
  2. I even searched the settings in Configure in Cura 3.6, but the filament diameter setting is no-where to be found. I don't know if it was there before, but it's definitely not there now. Any idea why?
  3. Thanks, marketplace update cured the problem!
  4. I have installed 3.6 but for some reason the Octoprint plugin does not show up (even though it's in the plugin folders). Any ideas how to track down the issue?
  5. Yowzer! Awesome finish. I'm sure we are all gagging to find out how you pull off such remarkable finishes. When are you revealing your dark arts?
  6. That fix did not work for me, in fact it prevented the Octoprint plugin from showing up at all. Thanks for the report. I will fix this for the 3.1 final release. As a workaround for now, you can disable support for writing to the sdcard in the OctoPrint webinterface. After that you may have to connect to the octoprint instance again in Cura. Update: Here's the fix: https://github.com/fieldOfView/OctoPrintPlugin/commit/d5414e
  7. Never mind, I found the log file and here is the error: ERROR - OctoPrintPlugin.OctoPrintOutputDevice._startPrint [479]: An exception occurred in network connection: name 'global_container_stack' is not defined Note that Cura is actually connecting OK, and can monitor the print in progress just fine.
  8. I can't get 3.1 to send files to Octoprint even though it does connect correctly, it does not display an error message when failing the upload, where can I find a log file?
  9. Version 1.0


    A geodesic dome sukkah, more of which you can read about here: http://daniepstein.com/daniepstein/worlds-first-3d-printed-sukkah-well-sort-of/
  10. Totally awesome print and really nice paint job.
  11. 'Tiz the only way to get things proper reet... Then you are sorted. With UHU stic if you apply it to a hot bed, you get a nice smooth - but not glass - finish. As it is, when gluing parts together you want a roughish surface anyway, to get a greater surface area for the glue to adhere to. What glue do you use, BTW?
  12. Since you are within reach of ebay UK, give UHU stic a go before spraying muck all over your build plate. Works a charm for me, for all my current filaments (PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG). Spread it with the plate at around 50C, and print PETG at 75C.
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