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  1. danilius

    Post your latest print!

    Yowzer! Awesome finish. I'm sure we are all gagging to find out how you pull off such remarkable finishes. When are you revealing your dark arts?
  2. danilius

    Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    Did, and it works, thanks! Didn't
  3. danilius

    Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    That fix did not work for me, in fact it prevented the Octoprint plugin from showing up at all. Thanks for the report. I will fix this for the 3.1 final release. As a workaround for now, you can disable support for writing to the sdcard in the OctoPrint webinterface. After that you may have to connect to the octoprint instance again in Cura. Update: Here's the fix: https://github.com/fieldOfView/OctoPrintPlugin/commit/d5414e
  4. danilius

    Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    Never mind, I found the log file and here is the error: ERROR - OctoPrintPlugin.OctoPrintOutputDevice._startPrint [479]: An exception occurred in network connection: name 'global_container_stack' is not defined Note that Cura is actually connecting OK, and can monitor the print in progress just fine.
  5. danilius

    Ultimaker Cura 3.1 | Beta

    I can't get 3.1 to send files to Octoprint even though it does connect correctly, it does not display an error message when failing the upload, where can I find a log file?
  6. danilius

    Cura 2.4 removable drive bug

    I had a removable drive plugged in from which I assume I loaded a file in Cura 2.4 at some point. Now Cura will refuse to start unless there is a drive in the same slot. I have tried starting Cura with the drive in, setting the "save file" to file instead of removable drive, clicking all the buttons in the error dialog, all to nothing. Is there any way of getting rid of this behaviour from the settings file?
  7. danilius

    Geodesic dome sukkah

    Version 1.0


    A geodesic dome sukkah, more of which you can read about here: http://daniepstein.com/daniepstein/worlds-first-3d-printed-sukkah-well-sort-of/
  8. danilius

    Cura 2.3 Beta Awesomeness and Some Issues

    Well, I'm not certain you are absolutely correct about that. If you slice a model with the machine set to 0.4mm, and the line width to 1.0mm, you will get a different time estimate than if they were both set to 1.0mm. I confirmed that again in Cura just before posting. But if you are certain that the end result is identical, then hey, i can live with that. The new Cura is a leap forward in a big way. Two important features are missing for me however: single layer view and retractions. For some of the prints I do this makes a difference to the design itself.
  9. danilius

    Cura 2.3 Beta Awesomeness and Some Issues

    I absolutely love the new Cura (2.3.0). Very fast, loads of useful settings, I'm now using it for production work. One thing that confuses me is the nozzle size/line width thing. If i set the nozzle size to 0.4mm but the line width to 1.0mm (I have a "toothpaste" nozzle) which setting takes precedence, or are some other subtleties at play here? I notice that when setting the line width to 1.0mm and the nozzle size to 0.4mm, Cura reports longer print times than if the nozzle is also set to 1.0mm. I prefer having the nozzle width in the "Quality" tab, but can live with changing the machine settings every time I change a nozzle if that's the way its going.
  10. danilius

    Cura 2.3 Beta Awesomeness and Some Issues

    Well, I figured it out in then by creating a custom profile, and then it can be changed in the machine settings. Not the most convenient way of doing things, but there you go.
  11. danilius

    Cura 2.3 Beta Awesomeness and Some Issues

    Very impressed with the new Cura, but can anyone tell me where to change the nozzle size?
  12. danilius

    Studio Scale Imperial Star Destroyer

    What a superb model. Seeing how much work has gone into it already at this stage, it has put me off building that Death Star I was going to make at 1:1 scale, and no tjust because the neighbours will complain either....
  13. Rather than spending hours trying to print this case time and time again, simply print two 20mm cubes around 80mm away from each other, and see what happens. If you get stringing between the two, then first start by dialling down the temperature. For this sort of thing it makes sense to watch the printer while it is printing. It might give you some clues. "Travel speed" <> "print speed". Travel speeds are the non-printing moves, when the hot end stops extruding and moves to another position to start printing again. You can push the UM2 up to 290mm/sec without serious issues. Also, increase your retraction to 45mm/sec. Speed here makes a difference. When printing 0.1mm layer heights, you need a lot less temperature than at 0.2, because you are extruding half the volume of plastic compared to 0.2. From what I see here and elsewhere, many people print at 0.2 and give temp values assuming that fact.
  14. What material are you using? What machine? What travel speed are you using? What nozzle temperature?
  15. danilius

    Sudden Under Extrusion

    Max temp with PLA will depend on a variety of factors, including the brand (or not) of filament you are using, and sometimes the colour as well. So, if you are printing 0.2mm layers at 60mm/sec you might be able to go quite safely to 235C. If you are using a 0.8mm nozzle for 0.4mm layers you will probably want to go lower than that, amazingly enough. I have printed as high as 255C in some specialised cases. Essentially, the less time the plastic spends in the nozzle, the more heat it's going to need. So, what you really want to do is use your nose while printing. If the plastic smells very sugary, you are going too high. Also, if your layer edges look a bit droopy, the temp is too high. The shape you are printing will also determine the temperature. For instance, printing a 100mm x 100mm box at 60mmsec will require high temps, but something organic of the same dimensions will require lower temps, because in the case of the box there is plenty of room for the head to accelerate to full speed, but something organic will never get up to full speed, as the head negotiates every little nook and cranny.

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